Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mind the Gap

Ello there!

Yesterday we went to Primark. It was incredible!!! The most I spent on something was £10!!! I got 2 maxi skirts, an AWESOME pair of leggings, a pair of flip flops to wear back and forth to the shower, two shirts, and nail polish. I think that's all. But it was incredible shopping. And what they say about the lines is true. I did take my shirt off (I had on a cami, no worries) and tried on a shirt in the aisle. We also forgot about the size differences here and so we weren't able to try on pants because that line was too ridiculous.

Then we went to Forever 21 and a couple girls got some stuff. On our way back to the tube station there was a crepe stand, so naturally as any human being with a stomach would do, we stopped and got some. I got the regular, which has lemon juice and sugar. Brandi got Nutella and bananas, Lizzy got Belgian chocolate, and Kelli got a regular crepe. They are delishhhhhhh!!

After we chilled for a bit we went to Wagamamas for dinner. I got Chicken Ramen- don't let the name fool you, it's much more expensive than Wal-Mart ramen :P I ate the entire thing with chopsticks!!

Lindsay and I eating with chopsticks!

I was totally felling gelado, so naturally we walked a block or so down and got some gelado. I got Tierra-misou and it was DELICIOUS. Then we walked back to our dorm and passed a baby blue lambo, cause that's normal, right?

The night winded down and I slowly made it to bed.
Class this morning was good, nothing special. 

Today we headed to Piccadilly Circus. We attempted to take the bus, but we got on going the wrong way, so we gave up and took the tube. Lizzy's friend Paolo was in London (he goes to school in Liverpool) so he took us to this pub that had this really good cherry beer. 

Katherine, Lindsay, Brandi, Myself, Kelli

We hung out there for a little bit, then walked to this place called Nandos for dinner. Holy Macaroon's it was DELICIOUS. We got the shared platter that had 2 chickens and 5 large sides- we picked chips (fries), garlic bread, side salad, spicy rice, and corn on the cob. It was amazing.  We headed back on the tube, but Lizzy and I had to make a special stop- see here

I've since showered, uploaded pictures on Facebook, and sitting in bed writing this. It's been a beautiful English day. 

I love it here so much. Maybe it's the charm, the accents, the style, the shops, the friends, the ease, the food. Whatever it is, it has a tight grip on me. Like, I don't miss home, I miss my family and best friend and dogs... but they can all come here, ya know. I don't really miss Georgia. Yeah Georgia's on my mind and it would be nice to go out without a jacket on, but the positives here are sooooo heavy it's ridiculous. I just hope my mom and sisters and brother-in-law fall in love with it the same way I have.

And with that, 
I bid you adieu.

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