Friday, May 16, 2014

Blast From the Past: The 90's are making a comeback

The 21st century is getting a blast from the past; the 1990’s are making a comeback on our radios, in our closets, and on our TV’s. Boy bands, old and new, can be heard on radio stations. 

Some of these bands making a comeback on the radio waves are straight from the previous generations. Two popular bands created a supergroup and did a 80-show tour around the world. The trend of boy bands never really went away overseas, and with them reemerging in the US, some of those bands are hoping to break into the music scene here.

Spontaneous Boyband
Unlike supergroups or seasoned boy banders from abroad, Spontaneous Boy Band is new on the scene. Spontaneous is a group of young men that write and sing their own music, and choreograph their performances. But this boy band isn’t totally stuck in the 90s. They added the contemporary element of flash mob into their performances to boost it into this century. Band Member Justin Lennox says the reason is marketing.

“We were wondering how are we going to get out name out there? And we thought, let’s take the shows to the people, lets go like at Starbucks, lets go at any restaurant we can find and just sing to everybody there.” 
And that is exactly what they do.

The band always wears green pants and puffy vests, totally inspired by the 90s. Some of these old styles can be found not only in the attics of family members but hanging on the shelves of all the trendy stores. This 90s inspired fashion is currently that is something that is becoming popular in schools, especially in college towns. Cheeky Peach Boutique owner Katie Jacobs says college kids get it from the magazines.  

 “They are the ones following whatever trends the celebrities pick up and then they’ll consume it. So you really have to watch what the celebrities are wearing and tap into that.”

When it comes to fashion, bold prints, sheer tops, high wasted shorts, and studded items are just some of the hot 90s inspired items. President of UGA’s Student Fashion Association Olivia Barrett says these items now have updated looks. 

 “Now a days we’ve taken a lot of those classic pieces and added those little twists to make it kind of our own.”
Chambray shirt styled over a dress
Those classic 90’s pieces can be something like a chambray shirt over a casual dress or it could be a sheer top with a bandeau underneath, when it comes to fashion, the ideas are limitless. 
The runways of New York Fashion Week have also been seeing this trend. Designers like Phillip Lim and Zac Posen showcased crop tops and sheer garments, along with other 90s inspired pieces.
Fashion blog Fashion Gone Rogue writes about this trend, saying, “fashion is cyclical and everything comes back in fashion after twenty years. It looks like the nineties are back in full swing this runway season.” 
The clothing styles from the 90s were influenced by television shows of the time. Television happens to be another area the are 90s reemerging in. You can easily find Friends, Boy Meets World, or an array of other 90s programs playing at least once a day. 
Sheer garments on the NYFW runways
TeenNick recently announced they’re celebrating their “Snick-iversary” and bringing back classic 90’s shows, including “All That” and “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”. Take a look at the 10 creepiest episodes of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”.
Not only are they easily accessible, but a Boy Meets World sequel is currently filming. When “Girl Meets World” airs, it will allow the next generation to enjoy a show that was throughly enjoyed in the 90s. If ‘Girl Meets World’ is successful, who knows, we may begin to see more shows from the 90s come back.
These shows are still drawing in the same audience they did when they aired new. 90s child Anna King is one of those people. 

“It’s nice to go back to a TV show that’s just funny, it’s simple, and it’s addressing issues in your life but keeping it light and making you laugh about it instead of making you worry about who’s going to die next week.” 
With these trends in boy bands, fashion and television, the 90s may be making a permanent place in today’s society. 

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