Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Want it Wednesday: Sandal Boots

Coast to Coast Bootie
I will always welcome a cute pair of shoes in to my life and I hope and pray I'll be able to rock a pair of sandal boots when the weather warms up!

A/N: I don't think "sandal boots" is the official name, but it's a much safer name to Google than "bootie sandals". Different brands classify them as either Bootie or Sandal

These shoes are the perfect mix of sandals and heels, as well as causal and formal. As you can see in the picture, the Coast to Coast is paired with jeans but I guarantee they would look amazing with a dress or skirt.

I love the two-toned brown + black of the Coast to Coast bootie. It totally solves the I can only wear these with black or brown dilemma I all too often have.  

I'm Obsessed.

Shields Up Sandal
The Coast to Coast and Shields Up sandals are so similar much of what I say about one goes for the other.

I love the two-toned color seen on this style. It keeps the shoes fresh and fun and really makes them pop. Picture the Coast to Coast  being all black. Cute, yes, but the two-tone really steps it up a couple notches. Pun not intended but it toe-tally works. Ok, I'll stop now. 

The chunkier heel these "s'booties" have means more comfort which is important. To be honest, when I'm buying shoes if it's cute and it fits, I will buy it. Comfort is the last thing on my list. But I've been wearing heels since I was a child (true story) so I've come to accept that wearing fabulous shoes often comes with pain. No pain no gain!

(fun fact, I once bought I pair of shoes a size too small because they were so cute and that was the only size they had. My feet didn't find it so fun, but that didn't stop me.)

Chunky heeled shoes are very much in right now and honestly this is one of the few ways that I like it. Other shoes with the chunky heel look too 90's for my taste. This is a super chic revamp of that style. It keeps it modern but still pays homage to the chunky heels of styles past. 

If you're looking for an edgier and more modern (and slightly futuristic?) bootie, this IRO bootie is to. die. for.
IRO Bootie

Let's take a moment to admire those beauties.

and they're paired with jeans.

and would look sick with a dress. 

These babies are certain to break some necks walking down the sidewalk, the hall, or in the bathroom stall.

I'm not sure if they come in other colors but I would be so fine with the black.  I think if they are a vibrant color it would be too much. Your brain wouldn't know what to comprehend first. The traditional colors (white, tan, black) are great because not everyone is pasty white like me and would look good in black shoes and provides the basic colors that can be paired with any color, but imagine these in hot pink! eep.

I think both styles seen here and many other varieties of "s'booties" will be very popular this spring and summer. Our current fashion trends are becoming simpler (plain tee and jeans) and but we are pairing these casual, go anywhere outfits with one or two pieces that make it pop and take it up a notch.

Call me Veruca because 

It's been a while since my jaw dropped seeing a pair of (non-designer) shoes and both of these "s'booties" have done it. I will be searching high and low for a budget friendly version of any/all of these shoes. 

Which pair do you want on your feet NOW?

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