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Red Carpet Rundown — 2015 Golden Globe Awards

The time has come for the 2015 Golden Globes! Hosted for the third — and final — year by Tina Fey & Any Poehler, it's bound to be a good time.
Compared to last week, this carpet brought much more color, more daring styles, and great conversation pieces! 

There were so, so many hits this time around but oh man the misses REALLY missed. 

Let's take a look!

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Tina's outfit isn't my personal style, but she looks fabulous. The fit is great and it's a very unique outfit. I'm glad it's fitted at the top and gives her shape before poofing out. Tina looks great but is unfortunately overshadowed by Amy. 

I rate it: 8/10

Amy looks incredible in her blue gown. The color pops and draws your eyes to her. It fits well and looks amazing. I can't get over the color! She kept it simple with the accessories and the hair. 

I rate it: 9/10

Both ladies did a fantastic job with their first outfits of the evening! 

Emily Blunt
wearing Michael Kors

Emily looks great! I personally am not a huge fan of that style of top, but perhaps it's because I can't pull it off.

What really won me over was her accessories. I love love love her earrings and bracelet! 

Overall she kept her look simple witch is important. This dress exudes easy and casual and would not look right with lots of accessories, a big bag, and hair that was down.

I rate it: 10/10 

Lena Dunham 
wearing Zac Posen

This dress is... interesting. Maybe it's her pose.

Maybe it's the angle. 

I like the color, it looks great on her. 

But something about the bit by the inside of her elbows is confusing me. Is it supposed to be darker panels to enhance the waist? If so that's great but I think the dress should be tailored in a bit more if that's what it's supposed to be doing. 
From this picture it looks as if the dress is just hanging there. 

I rate it: 6/10

Naomi Watts
wearing Gucci

Holy diamonds! The diamond snake necklace is fierce! 

I love that she paired it with a simple yellow gown. She looks stunning. 

Nothing too busy.

Everything fits well. 

She looks incredible. 

I rate it: 10/10

Dakota Johnson

I'd like this dress a significantly more if the top was different. It looks like the stretchy bit on those towely-fabric swimsuit cover ups. 

Like I said in the People's Choice Rundown, I love sequins but the top of this one killed me. Keep the sequins the same the whole way or do the top in a different color to add more of a pop.. something. Anything except what they did.

I'm sorry but that top makes the dress look cheap. 

Her hair doesn't help either. It doesn't look brushed, much less red carpet ready. 

I rate it: 5/10

Julia Goldani Telles

I'm not entirely who she is but she looks stunning. 

The blue is fabulous, her hair looks great, and the fit is impeccable. She is letting the dress do all the talking and I could listen to it all day. 

You go, girl!

I rate it: 10/10

Gina Rodriguez
wearing Badgley Mischka

Gina looks fantastic. 

The fit is wonderful and she did it right. 

Though simple, this outfit does not need any more accessories. 

I rate it: 10/10

Leslie Mann

Another fantastic yellow gown! 

It's very flattering on Leslie and her sideswiped ombre hair looks great with her gown. 

I do think it could have been tailored a little shorter so it wouldn't bunch like it does at the bottom and instead sat beautifully on the carpet. 

I rate it: 9/10

Julia Louis-Dreyfus 

This look bores me. 

Where's the color? The fun? Julia seems like she'd be a party so I'd expect a pop of color or pizazz somewhere! 

I'm not a fan on the bust of this dress. The way the arch goes along underneath her bust makes her boobs look saggy. 

The straight hair isn't doing it for me either. 

Like I said, boring.

I rate it: 4/10

Greer Grammer 
wearing Lorena Sarbu 

This dress looks great on the carpet but it looks even better on the TV screen. She is the one who brought out the awards and escorting the hosts and winner(s) off the stage. 

I saw it in the background without realizing it was her and said to myself, 'that dress is fantastic.

I rate it: 10/10

Chrissy Teigen
wearing Zuhair Murad

I like this dress but I'm not in love.

The color looks amazing with her skin tone. I wish the lining went all the way down the dress and not just to the crotch area. It makes it look like she's wearing a leotard under a designer gown! 

Other than that she looks incredible. 

I rate it: 8/10

Zosia Mamet 
wearing Andrew Gn

Oh goodness. Oh me oh my. 


This had the potential to be good. But putting a puffy skirt under a peplum style top? Bad idea. 

I rate it: 3/10

Quvenzhané Wallis 
wearing Giorgio Armani

This is adorable. 

So age appropriate but still glam. 

Great to see a child dressing her age — and designers designing for it!

I rate it: 10/10

Laura Prepon
wearing Christian Siriano

I like the dress by itself. 

The dark eye make up with the long, down, dark hair makes it look like Laura is prepon-ing to play Morticia Addams. 

The pieces of this look individually are stunning. But when you put them all together it doesn't work for me. 

I rate it: 6/10

Lana Del Rey

Did she fall asleep in the limo on the way to the red carpet? 

The crinkle in her dress looks like a wrinkle and the crown poof can double as some bed head. 

I think the dress looks cheap and doesn't do her justice. 

The bright side? The color looks good on her. 

I rate it: 4/10

Christine Baranski 
wearing Zac Posen


The fit is impeccable. The color is impeccable. The pose is impeccable. 

Win win win win win. 

She looks simply incredible. Age appropriate but still incredibly fun and classy.

I rate it: 10/10

Danielle Brooks

I'm not sure who she is but girl is rocking this dress. 

The fit is incredibly flattering her figure and I love the gold details along the armhole (is that the proper term for it?) and down the sides. 

The only thing I'd do differently is either make the dress slightly longer or pair it with a gold/shimmery shoe!

I rate it: 9/10

Michelle Monaghan
wearing Jason Wu

Throwback Thursday Sunday? This looks like a dress she took from the 90's.

I hope she puts it right back when she gets home because it is not working. 

I rate it: 3/10

Maura Tierney
wearing Jenny Packham 

Yes! This is incredible! 

I think this outfit is amazing. 

It fits, it flatters, it is simply stunning! This is something any age can rock. 

Also, how great is the color?? 

I rate it: 10/10

Kelly Osbourne
wearing Edition by George Chakra

This dress looks much better with her standing than it did with her sitting. 

The fit is incredibly flattering on her. It's so fun and fresh I love the dress more the more I look at it. 

I'm a little thrown off with the purple hair but I know she's contractually obligated to have it, so I can't say much about that. The poof is fierce, though! 

I rate it: 9/10

Giuliana Rancic
wearing Maria Lucia Hohan 

I wish she wore the dress she had on during the red carpet pre-show. It was gorgeous.

Unlike this thing. I'm not a fan. The color is the best thing going for it. 

The folds on the bust and lace coming out look like a bra. That's not red carpet fashion, that's boudoir. 

The little ruffles are what I dislike the most, I think. If the bottom just flared out it wouldn't be as bad, but those little ruffles kill me. 

I rate it: 3/10

Rosamund Pike 
wearing Vera Wang

Meh. The color is blah. It blends with her skin and hair. Nothing about her — or this — pops. 

Well, except maybe her boobs because the top does not look like it properly fits. 

She just had a baby and boy does she look incredible, but I think she could have done better. 

I rate it: 2/10

Deborah Norville 

She looks fantastic! 

The dress is very flattering for her figure and her age. 

She looks simply radiant! 

I rate it: 10/10

Diane Kruger

This is a pretty dress but I feel like it's missing something. 

A belt? Some color? 


The fit of the dress is amazing but I think the overall look could be better.

I rate it: 7/10

Allison Williams
wearing Armani Privé

This dress is great! She looks fantastic. 

It looks better on TV and not against a red carpet. 

The dress has a lot going on with all the small ruffles and sparkle, so I love she kept it simple with all and any accessories. 

I'm not sold on her hairstyle but aside from that all else is great! 

I rate it: 9/10

Kate Beckinsale

She looks absolutely fabulous!

I love the top of this dress. The bottom is a little iffy but I love the top so much I don't even care. 

Accessories and hair are on. point. 

I rate it: 10/10

Kate Mara

Unfortunately "on point" does not describe Kate Mara's look. 

The dress looks like it's very pretty.

But that awful, thick, plastic looking tan belt takes it down a lotta notches. 

Get rid of the belt and she looks fantastic. Unfortunately someone told her otherwise. 

I rate it: 3/10

Ellie Kemper


WOW. I want this dress. 

The design work, the fit, the hints of red (pink? purple? Doesn't matter, it's color!) on this dress is phenomenal. 

I rate it: 10/10

Jessica Chastain 
wearing Atelier Versace

I like the shimmer of the dress. It looks great with her red hair and fair skin. 

She had her boobs on full display which was a bit distracting. I think with a dress that has that much going on it would look better not-so-boobalicious. 

I rate it: 6/10

Kerry Washington
wearing Mary Katranzou 

Oh gosh.

What is she thinking? 

The design on the fabric makes it look like it's a carpet. The upper fit is very good but the colors and the bottom are way too bad to even think that could save it. 

I rate it: 2/10

Kathryn Heigl
wearing Zac Posen

Get. It. Girl. 

Kathryn Heigl looks Uh-Mazing. 

The color, the hair, the fit, the flair. 

Yes. Yes. Yes.

I rate it: 10/10

Melissa McCarthy

I love that Melissa paid homage the the tux look she wore last week. 

Again, she looks amazing.

 I watched her on the red carpet with Giuliana and she said this outfit is a compilation of things she had in her closet. They took part of a dress and part of a shirt and sewed it together. 

and it works for her! 

I rate it: 10/10

Claire Danes 
wearing Valentino

This dress has me a little speechless.
Not the good speechless but not the bad. I'm just... unsure. 

I kind of like it, but I kind of don't... 


I rate it: 5/10

Helen Mirren 
wearing Dolce & Gabbana

Wow, incredible! 

No words needed!

I rate it: 10/10

Keira Knightley
wearing Chanel

People told her she looked good in this? 

She actually walked past people who let her wear this out in public?

Like, she pays someone to dress her like this? 

Please, pay to get your eyes checked. 

Please, pay to get Karl Lagerfeld's eyes checked. 

and Please, fire your stylist. 

Her clutch is cute, though. 

I rate it: 1/10 (only cause the bag is cute)

Jennifer Lopez
wearing Zuhair Murad

I'm looking forward to the day when J. Lo turns down the sex and steps up the class. 

Yes, she looks absolutely INCREDIBLE. But she's become predictable. We expect her high slights and boobs hanging out. She could really wow us by stepping out on the carpet in something totally unexpected. 

That being said, I do really like this outfit. The cape is everything. But I think it would be even better if the top was higher (and there wasn't any distracting sparkle or wire visibly poking her boob)

I also think her hair pulled back would have looked better. 

I rate it: 8/10

Julianne Moore
wearing Givenchy Couture

She looks amazing. 

The only thing I would change is her hair. Pull it back, or braid it. The dress is so busy (and amazing) the hair on her shoulders takes away from it.  

I rate it: 9/10

Maggie Gyllenhaal
wearing Miu Miu

Not a fan. Her bust looks tiny and her hips look huge. 

The color is great. 

I think she also needs something on the neck. The bare chest gives the illusion of a boyish figure, aiding to the allusion of tiny bust. 

I rate it: 5/10

Uzo Aduba
wearing Randi Rahm

Uzo looks great! 

I love the red that peeks through the dress. It looks so great against her skin tone.

I do wish her hair was pulled up but other than that she looks amazing! 

I rate it: 8/10

Salma Hayek
wearing Alexander McQueen

Wow. Salma looks great! 

The dress fits and is so incredibly stunning without being super sexy. You get a peek of cleavage without all the boobage. 

The belt perfectly accentuates her tiny waist and works so well with the poof of the skirt. 

Her dress is amazing but I'm not a fan of the flower in her hair. It's a bit... high school? 

I rate it: 8/10

Katie Holmes
wearing Marchesa

The color of the dress is the best thing about it. It's nice but nothing special. It doesn't move me or evoke any emotion. 

But that long pony does. It's really wigging me out.

I rate it: 6/20

Jenna Dewan-Tatum
wearing Carolina Herrera 

Jenna looks great! The color is amazing on her (and super popular on this carpet!). 

She kept everything simple which was a smart choice. 

Like I've said before, I wish the dress was tailored a bit shorter so it wasn't wrinkling on the ground and instead was ethereally grazing the carpet. 

I rate it: 8/10

Jennifer Aniston

Personally not my favorite Jen look. Someone on Twitter said she's bringing Rachel Green back and I completely agree. 

The pieces individually could be something great but altogether the dress doesn't work for me.

Similar to Julia Louis-Dreyfus' dress, the cut gives Jen the illusion of saggy boobs and that's never cool. 

Those shoes are hot, though! 

I rate it: 7/10

Reese Witherspoon 
wearing Calvin Klein


Reese looks amazing. She knows how to work a red carpet. 

This dress is so stunning on her. 

I do wish she had done a pop of color on the lip. Something that, I think, would bring the whole look full fabulous circle. 

I rate it: 9/10

Viola Davis
wearing Donna Karan Atelier

Get it girl! 

Viola looks fabulous! 

There's nothing about this I don't love. 

I rate it: 10/10

Taryn Manning
wearing Oscar de la Renta

I was surprised to see this was the only Oscar de la Renta dress worn on the carpet. 

and I don't even know who this is!

On the E! Red Carpet pre-show, they discussed who would be wearing Oscar, since this is the first awards season since his passing, and no one they guessed was wearing it. 

It's hard to appreciate this dress because of the dark background and the brown hair that turns blonde somewhere behind the ears? 

I rate it: 7/10

Camila Alves
wearing Monique Lhuillier

I like the back of this dress more than the front. The fabric flows down the back and looks very nice. 

The color is great for Camila and her hair was spot on. 

As mentioned, the back of the dress is what I liked the most. Camila is such a stunning woman I think she could have done better overall. 

I rate it: 7/10

Lupita Nyong'o
wearing Giambattista Valli Couture

Lupin never disappoints on the red carpet. 

The dress is amazing, interesting, and fits her wonderfully. 

There's not much else to say!

I rate it: 10/10

Felicity Jones 
wearing Christian Dior

Felicity looks like Pageant Barbie. 

The hair, the pose, the awkward bust bunching of the dress, the poofy bottom of the dress. 

It's not working for me. 

I adore the color and think it's fabulous but this is not working for me. 

I rate it: 4/10

Emma Stone

I don't think Emma Stone has ever disappointed on a red carpet. 

I saw her in person at the Spider-Man premiere in London in 2012 and she's so freaking petite I'd accidentally break her if I hugged her.

Being that petite means she will look good in basically everything she wears and it's so true. 

I love her style and the red carpet risks she makes. She knows what works and she's incredibly fashion forward. 

I rate it: 10/10

Anna Faris
wearing Reem Acra

Anna looks amazing in this gown! The cinching at the waist is prefect for her petite frame! 

As I've said for others, I wish there was a pop of color somewhere. She's so fair skinned and with such light blonde hair I think a darker lip or colored earrings would really make her pop. 

I rate it: 9/10

I found this red carpet way more enjoyable than the People's Choice Awards. There was more color, lots of winning looks, and over all was so much better. 

As awards season goes on, it's only going to get better and I can't wait. 

But, no red carpet rundown is complete without a best and worst dressed, so who wins this one? 

Best Dressed:
This was a difficult one. I gave a lot of dresses perfect stores.
But I have to go with Christine Baranski in Zac Posen. She worked that dress and I'm absolutely obsessed. 
Worst Dressed: 
Hands down, no competition, Kiera Knightly in Chanel. What was she thinking?
The close ups from the E! Red Carpet were even worse. It was like a peasant dress was covered in bugs and brush. 

Who do you vote best and worst dressed?

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