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Red Carpet Rundown — 2015 People's Choice Awards

Awards season has begun! The People's Choice Awards are just the beginning of awards season, which means lots of fabulous fashion on the red carpet for us all to swoon and drool over. 

There's no need to wait, so let's dive in!

Anna Faris and Allison Janney

The hosts for tonight's People's Choice Awards look fabulous.

Anna Faris' ensemble is actually a crop top & skirt  (you can see a different view here) and it looks great on her small frame.  At first I was a little eh, but the more I look at it the more I like it. Her simple accessorizing and casual hair make this outfit so great for her. I'm sure she has a number of wardrobe changes planned and what a way to start the evening out than on a literal blank canvas! (and um, can't not mention this, but her boobs look great.) 
I rate it: 9/10

As for Allison Janney, I love anything with sparkles and this is just smashing. I love how the sparkles get bigger and as you look from head to toe. If the entire dress was the large sparkles, it would be too much as a full length gown.
I rate it: 9/10

Giuliana Rancic

I love this color. It's fresh, it's fun and can be worn in any
The cut of the dress is great, especially someone tall like Giuliana.
I'm not too crazy about the pattern on the dress. It looks like slugs running from a pile of salt and slowly dying out.
The jewelry and shoes are on point, but I could do without the clutch.
But I'm not crazy about her hair. I'm a fan of it dark and I don't dislike the blonde, but this in-between auburnish color isn't doing it for me.
I rate it: 6/10

Lady Antebellum

This dress is... alright. I don't hate it but I do think it could be more flattering.
I like the pattern on the dress but like I mentioned it could have been used in a way to make the dress more flattering. There's no defining factor that separates her bust from her waist from her hips.
I'm loving the crossed neck and the slit is fierce!
Her hair, makeup, and accessories look fantastic! I like how her hair is a lighter brown with hints of blonde, so it's easily discernible from the black dress.
I rate it: 7/10

How handsome do the men look?

(p.s. Anyone else think the guy on the left could be David Tennant's twin?)

Melissa McCarthy

Girl. Looks. Fantastic.
Women in tuxedos was very popular on this carpet and this has to be my favorite one. I love contrast of the leather trim. It draws your eyes in and makes her look taller.
I love how she kept it simple with the accessories and makeup, but made it pop with the red lip.
I'm a huge fan of her shoe choice, too. A solid, closed toe shoe could have taken from the height the leather trim gives her, but the peekaboo in the shoes gives a little sexy flash of skin (yes, even foot skin can give off a sexy vibe!) and continues the illusion of more height.
I rate it: 10/10

Karina Smirnoff

I'm not sure where to start on this one.
E!'s Fashion Police summed it up pretty well when they said, "Wow! Our bedding looks so great on @Karina_Smirnoff on the #ERedCarpet at the #PeoplesChoiceAwards!"
Yeah, her disheveled hair doesn't help. It's as if she woke up, thought "oh crap, I have the PCA's tonight!" grabbed her grandma's bed spread and ran out the door, without even fixing her hair.

I rate it: 3/10

The Band Perry

Loving. This.
That dress is everything on her. It looks amazing with her skin tone, her hair looks amazing, and her makeup is flawless.
I love that her clutch matches her brothers and their ensembles. I would so coordinate outfits for red carpet events if I was in a band — or a couple.
She looks fabulous. This dress is very flattering without being overtly sexy (that plunging neckline could take it from classy to trashy real quick depending on the woman wearing it) and young and mature.
I rate it: 10/10

Bella Thorne

It fits well.
But it doesn't captivate me. I think she could have done so much more. This is boring and her shoes look like those Adidas slip on sandals basketball players wear with socks. She's 18, right? Have some fun! Put a fun, bright or patterned top underneath to create some contrast... Something.
Yeah, her red hair and lip look great with it, but eh. I don't like this just because it's so.... underwhelming and boring.
I rate it: 5/10

Gabrielle Union

Aaand another underwhelming outfit.
The color is great on Gabrielle. I like how she paired a necklace that went down her cleavage —it created a neat contrast without being super flashy.
Unfortunately the dress reminds me of something you'd find when shopping for a homecoming dress at a department store. It looks, dare I say it, cheap. She's a beautiful woman and could do so much better.
I rate it: 4/10

Sarah Hyland

I don't hate it but it's not my favorite. I think for someone as petite as she is, the dress should either be short (no sheer bit down to her mid-shin) or have the sheer go all the way down.
I'm not crazy about her eye makeup either. I was watching Giuliana interview her on the red carpet and it didn't vibe well with me. Too white? I'm not sure but it, paired with the silver/white dress, blonde hair, and nude lip was a little too much for me. I understand with an embellished dress like this everything else needs to be kept simple, but the white eyeshadow on the inner eyes was sketching me out.
I rate it: 7/10

Ellen Pompeo

I love this.
The blush pink looks great with her skin tone and I love the small accents in the outfit. I do wish it was tailored at the feet so we could get a peek at what I assume are some fabulous shoes, rather than baggy pant legs that make her look footless.
Her color scheme is fantastic, all in the same family but far enough apart that they compliment each other, rather than fight for the attention.
Get it girl.
I rate it: 9/10

Portia de Rossi

This color looks smashing on her.
She did good keeping her accessories and hair to a minimum because with a geometric pattern as bold as this, it could easily be way too much on the eyes.
I can't tell if this is one cohesive jumpsuit or a shirt-pant combo. I wish the pattern continued a little bit more down the sides, as if it was slowly fading in to the bottom half of the ensemble.
Like this, the outfit leave me wanting a little more umph.
I rate it: 7/10

Jillian Rose Reed

There are two things I am uncertain about here.
1- I'm not sure who she is.
2- I'm not sure how I feel about this dress.
I do know it's better than Karina Smirnoff's floral frock.
I do enjoy how her hair color compliments the purple/pink in the dress. I would have loved to see her go with a bag in the same color family, rather than the clunky black bag that looks like it could double as some super protective iPad case.
Still not sure what I think, but I know I like it more than I dislike it.
I rate it: 6/10

Ellen DeGeneres 

Portia de Rossi's other half donned on a yellow cream colored ensemble with a white button up. Ellen often is on point with her androgynous outfits, but this yellow color does not make me want to dance when she enters the room. It looks like it was once white but faded over time.
There's too much yellow going on here and not enough to distract from it.

I rate it: 4/10

Molly Tarlov

Not sure who she is, but unlike Jillian Rose Reed, I know what I think about this outfit.
No. Stop.
The headband. The nails matching the shoes. The bright blue. The odd twisty bunchy thing.
No. No. No.
The headband is reminiscent of high school, as is the matchy-matchy nail shoe combo — especially when it's that vibrant white. The bunch twist thing draws your eye to an odd spot on her body and also prevent from giving her body any shape.
The color is pretty, though.
I rate it: 2/10

Lisa Edelstein

I'm kind of obsessed with this dress.
It looks fabulous on Lisa. It's age appropriate, it's fun, and it's incredibly flattering.
She kept everything simple and fresh and looks amazing because of it.
I rate it: 10/10

Bellamy Young

I'm really digging this.
The lace and design on the shoulders adds pizazz in what would otherwise be a boring LBD. The shoes add some contrast to the front view of the dress, which I find to be a brilliant idea.
I'm not 100% sold on her hair, it looks a little messy and disheveled to be paired with a fun dress. A full or poofy pony would have been super chic with this!
I rate it: 8/10

Kelly McCreary

Upon first glance, I was a fan of this outfit. It's fun, it's young, but the more I look at it, the more I don't like it.
The design and style are fun and unique (I'm talking about you, skirt!) but the colors are so.... zzzZZZ
I love the shoes, though!
I rate it: 7/10

Ginnifer Goodwin

My mom said it best when she said this dress looks matronly on her.
I'm not a fan.
Ginnifer is so pretty but this dress does not do her justice.
I like the flow at the bottom of the skirt and her shoes are cute but the dress seems to swallow her whole.
It looks like a designer moo moo.
She, like I, is fair skinned and this color white/cream does not do her the justice she deserves.
I rate it: 4/10

Dax Shepard & Kristin Bell

This is a fabulous choice on Kristin's choice! The color is amazing, and the style and cut is great for her — especially just a few short weeks after giving birth!
She made a smart decision by keeping her makeup simple with such a bold dress.

How adorable is Dax in a darker, manlier shade in the red family?

I rate it: 10/10

Ariel Winter

Here's yet another tuxedo worn by a woman on the red carpet and this one falls in the middle of my spectrum.
I'm digging the shorts! What a fun, young twist to this trend. The sheen on the top is gorgeous as well.
What's killing me is her hair. The black hair slicked (is it slicked?) back over her bold (and likely shoulder-padded shoulders) makes her look like she doesn't have a neck. The hair down makes her look top heavy — as in there's so much going on from thighs up that her (gorgeous) strappy shoes look too simple.
A simple eye, daring bold lip, and pulled back hair would have been perfect.
I rate it: 7/10

Kat Dennings

Kat looks like she's audition to play an older Wednesday Addams. 
This dress has so much potential hiding under all that extra fabric! 
I love from the waist up. LOVE it. She's a busty girl and the lace is a classy way to keep those girls from making the outfit too sexy. 
I wish the bottom half wasn't so fabric heavy. The cape/skirt/train is gorgeous but I wish it showed more leg and less fabric in the front.
I rate it: 7/10 

Best Dressed: 
My best dressed goes to Kristin Bell! She dared to wear color on this otherwise pretty monochromatic carpet. She knew what would look good on her body and kept it fun and fresh. 

Worst Dressed: 
This was a difficult decision. Not because everyone looked amazing, but because the worst were all bad. But ultimately the winner is Molly Tarlov. I just can't with her outfit and accessories. 

Who gets your vote for Best & Worst Dressed? 

All images obtained from E! News
& link to their site.

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