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Red Carpet Rundown: 2015 Kids' Choice Awards

The red carpets may have rolled up, but stars are letting their hair down and stepping out in droves to walk the orange carpet at this years Kids' Choice Awards!

It's one of the most fun carpets and I'm excited to see the looks the stars are rocking!

Let's see who's looking amazing and who should be getting slimed!

Gabrielle Beauvais

Gabrielle sure looks excited to be on the orange carpet! 

I love the sweatshirt. It's so fun and perfect for the orange carpet, but I think this look could have been styled a little better. 

The sweatshirt is bunching and makes her look a little frumpy in the mid section because of that.  

I also can not figure out that white belt?! She should have gone with a sparkle to tie in with the sweatshirt or no belt at all. Maybe it's just the flash washing it out making it look so strange? 

I rate it: 7/10

Megan Nicole

Outfits like this is why I love the orange carpet! It's fun, it's fresh, and it's young! 

I wish I could wear this outfit. Her entire look is spot on. With such a bold color, minimal hair, makeup, and accessories is a MUST and she executed it perfectly. 


I rate it: 10/10

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea is not only following in the crop top trend but she is also rocking this look. 

It's almost a more adult version of Megan Nicole's look. She went with a bold skirt and kept everything else muted and she looks fabulous. 

I rate it: 10/10

Jennifer Hudson

I think she looks great but her outfit is quite drab. 


I get what she's doing with the shoe giving a pop of color but she doesn't stand out in this outfit. If she wanted an one color look, she should have gone with white since it's spring... Or even a pastel! That would have made such a fantastic statement, especially compared to this boring thing! 

I rate it: 6/10


This is adorable. 

She matches blend with the step-and-repeat behind her but that's not her fault. 

The only thing I don't like about this look is her hair. The necklace and the blunt cut of her hair it makes her head look a little.... strange? 

I rate it: 8/10

Sarah Hyland

I'm not obsessed with this but I don't hate it. It's a nice change to see her in all white looking very fresh and young. 

I would have loved to see her with a bit more of a statement lip just to add a pop of something but the pink looks fantastic. 

I rate it: 9/10

Meghan Trainor

This is just fabulous! 

She looks amazing and she's having so much fun with this outfit it shows. 

I love the print paired with a bright, spring-y color that makes her stand out even more. 
From this view, it looks like the outfit is a matching top + skirt, which makes me love it even more.  

I rate it: 10/10

Quvenzhane Wallis

The flash on the cameras and the white outfits are not agreeing. If you look at the other celebs wearing white they all look a little strange and the same goes for this, unfortunately. 

I love the pops of color on this dress. It's adorable not only for the occasion but for a young lady.

The shoes I'm not crazy about, but then again, she's only 11. 

Her minimal (if even any, excluding lip color) make up and simple hair goes great with her flowing dress. 

I rate it: 8/10

Ariel Winter

This print is everything! 

It looks great on her, it looks great on the carpet, and it's great for a number of different outings, not just the KCA. 

The nude shoe is the perfect shoe to wear with this dress. 

The only thing I would change would be her hair. Pull it back, something. The blue in it gets lost in the dress and takes away from her face. 

I rate it: 9/10

Maria Gabriela

This is precious! 

The blue is popping and the dress is adorable. 

Were the buckles on her shoes rubbing, or...? I like the shoes but not unbuckled. 10 points from Ravenclaw. 

I rate it: 7/10

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting

I'm digging the mixing patterns. 

Even though this look is head-to-toe black and white it's still a stand out on the carpet. Mixing a bold polka dot pattern with a floral is so in and this balance with a peep of skin is just perfect. 

I rate it: 10/10

Denisea Wilson

This is cute but I feel like it's a little more club than orange carpet. 

The colors and pattern of the skirt are great but I think the crop top paired with the strappy shoes are what's giving me the Panama City Beach club vibe. 

I rate it: 6/10

Mo'ne Davis

This is all wrong. 

Is this a dress? Is it a romper? Why is it so dark? 

It looks like she ran to Target, found this on the sale rack, found some shoes and headed out. 

It's spring — act like it! The dark colors are so dreary and blah and long (or three-quarter) sleeves doesn't help either. 

Her hair and (lack of) makeup unfortunately make her look like she was running short on time. 

I rate it: 4/10

Debbie Ryan

From the neck down I love this! 

The dress is lovely and I would name my first born after those shoes. That color is to die for. 

But the color of her dye is not cute. I get "grandma" hair is in and sometimes it looks great but this instance is not one. Had she pulled it back it would be a different story. She also looks like she doesn't have much eye makeup on which makes her (from the distance in the photo) look a little tired. 

Add that to the grandma hair and she looks aged, unfortunately. 

I rate it: 5/10

Gabrielle Elyse

I like this. I think it would be a little better for a night out at a great restaurant than the KCA, but I'd not complain if I had this dress in my closet. 

For the KCA, go with more color. This gives us a little taste and I want more. 

This dress would be killer if it was fully colored, though. Look how gorgeous that splash is! 

I rate it: 8/10

G. Hannelius

This is a great way to have a dark color but still be spring friendly. 

The pops of coral with a matching coral shoe and a fun high pony are perfect for the orange carpet. 

My only qualm is with the bottom of the crop top — it looks like a scrunchy! 

I rate it: 8/10

Olivia Somerlyn

This is amazing. 

Tapestry dresses are slowly making their way to the forefront and this cheeky piece is perfect. 

The flare of the bottom, the KOALA, it's all just amazing. I wish I had this dress. 

I rate it: 10/10

Skai Jackson


When you look at her face and hair it's amazing.
When you look at the outfit, it's cute. 
When you put the two together, it looks strange. 

The outfit is so old on her. It's something I'd wear and on her it makes her look way older than she is (which is a week and some change shy from 13). 

I rate it: 4/10

Paris Smith

This is amazing! 

The blue and the coral pops along the neckline are amazing. 

I wish her hair had been pulled all the way up so we can fully appreciate the great sleeves on this dress. 

I rate it: 9/10 

Fatima Ptacek

This dress reminds me of Ariel Winter's dress. 

I think this is a little dark for the season. Had she worn this in the fall it would be perfect. Perhaps a colored shoe would have changed that in my mind. 

Also her hair should be pulled up so we can, like above, admire the sleeves on this dress. 

I rate it: 7/10


I like the pigtails! It's different and they're not tacky pigtails. 

But the boring dress with matching nylons with matching shoes is a NO in my book. The frumpy pillowcase fit of the dress doesn't help, either! 

I rate it: 4/10

Dulce Maria

This dress had good intentions but didn't follow through. 

I looks like a giant, two-toned rectangle that even I could make (but let's be honest, mine would look way better than that!). 

I do think her hair and her make up are spot on with this look, though! 

I rate it: 6/10

Karina Smirnoff

What do you think went through her head when she realized she matched the carpet AND the step-and-repeat? 

Aside from that, this outfit is very cute. I love the top and wish I had the body to rock it! 

I'm glad she matched her shoes to a color she was already wearing. Had she gone with black it would be too big of a contrast and looked strange and nude would have taken this look a half step down. 

I rate it: 8/10

Brandy Reiter

Is it in the contracts of any awards show carpet event that someone gets something from the Macy's homecoming/prom section? 

The dress is cute but I've seen it at homecomings since at least '06. 

Also, being a pale sister myself, this color does not go on that fair of skin! 

I rate it: 5/10

Chloe Lukasiak

Though the dress is black, it works. 

The ruffle and the short, sleeveless nature of the dress paired with white heels and beachy waves make it work. 

It looks like her bag provides the pop of spring color this outfit needed! 

I rate it: 8/10

Ryan Newman

Something tells me I've seen this romper before but can't remember for the life of me where. 

But that doesn't mean I like it. It doesn't look like it fits! 

It is tight and fitted in some areas but bunches in the most unflattering manner in the most unflattering places. 

She should have worn a colored shoe or something to give a little pop... and to distract from that romper. 

I rate it: 3/10

Addison Riecke

Precious, precious, precious!! 

This is amazing and adorable and she looks fabulous! 

I rate it: 10/10

Peyton List

Anyone else thinking 'beach coverup'? 

That's what this screams to me. 

I'm loving those shoes, though! 

I rate it: 5/10

I love the freedom the orange carpet brings. Stars have the chance to show more of their fashion persona on this carpet more so than the others. Without further adieu, best dressed and the most slime worthy look!

Best: This was a toss up between Megan Nicole. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, and Olivia Somerlyn, but I have to give it to Megan Nicole. Her entire look is what I picture when I hear Kids' Choice Awards.

Worst: This was a much bigger tie than best dressed. The contenders are Jennifer Hudson, Denisea Wilson, Mo'ne Davis, Lilimar, and Ryan Newman. All of these looks could have been improved with some slime, but the winner is.... Mo'ne Davis.

Who is your best and worst dressed?

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