Thursday, April 2, 2015

Something Blue

In just a couple of days my brother will be a married man. 

Hard to believe he found someone willing to put up with him! Ha! 

With weddings come showers. With showers come outings needing cute outfits. 

We were unsure of the attire for the shower — fancy? casual?— so I went for a happy medium and played it safe with dark jeans, a navy blouse, and some fabulous new shoes. 

The blouse is a favorite of mine. I've had it for a while now and try not to overwear it but it looks so good with so many things it's hard to not! One of my favorite parts is the back. You can't see in the picture but around the mid-lower back there are three buttons and they create a slight ruching and a bit of a peacock-y tail.  

This was the first occasion I had to wear these shoes and I got a number of compliments on them, both while at the shower and the next day!

I think these shoes are a key element in making this outfit. If I had worn flats the outfit wouldn't have been as "shower appropriate" in my mind. I'm not saying flats aren't wedding shower appropriate, but as a sister of the groom, fashionista, and jean wearer, I felt I needed to wear some style of heel or wedge rather than flats or boots. 

For more on the shoes, click here

Upon arriving at the shower we were greeted with a lovely Mad Hatter themed party waiting for all guests to take part. This was one of the most beautiful themed showers I've ever been to (but honestly I've not been to many.. if any). It felt as if we fell down the rabbit hole and were really in Alice in Wonderland. There were so many small details put in to the shower and it made it stand out all the more!

Thankfully the attire for the shower wasn't anything fancy so we (my mom, sister, and I) fit right in with our nice casual ensembles.
The shower included a number of fun games, like wedding trivia (which I'm not good at), and toilet paper wedding dresses — modeled by the actual bride, myself, and the best man's wife. My dresses top began to fall so I am censoring myself in the picture! I'll let you guess which dress won...!   

With the impending wedding, it called for a new dress! I'm looking forward to wearing it. It took foreverrrr to find one and it arrived yesterday. 

Who would have thought it would be so difficult to find a wedding appropriate dress that doesn't break the bank! I sent over 15 options to some friends for their opinions on the dresses before finally finding one that would work... 

 So stay tuned for that — and a look at the bride's dress!! 

What is your go-to wedding shower outfit?

Top: Red Dress Boutique
Undershirt: SNUG
Jeans: Guess

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