Wednesday, April 22, 2015


It's not always easy being a fashionista.

We have our less than fabulous moments but often it's because we're making the rare decision to choose comfort in some or fashion.

For me, those days are either when I'm home with plans for the day (I absolutely hate wasting a cute outfit on a day on the couch) or when I'm on set in a dress.

I always wear a pair of compression shorts underneath not only because they're form fitting and won't be obvious under a dress but I don't want to risk any kind of malfunction.

When I'm working on sets and we're waiting in holding, I bring a pair of pants to slip on incase it's cold (which is often) and for comfort.

Being on sets as an extra is far from glamorous and you have to be prepared for anything. Waiting, no heat, waiting, uncomfortable chairs, and hurrying and waiting, so you learn to bring multiple methods of entertainment, chargers, and clothing that can easily be slipped on and off so you're not uncomfortable all day.

This is my cardinal rule on sets. If the wardrobe notes tell you to bring heels, also bring (or arrive in) slippers or flats. I extended that to include jackets on ALL sets and pajama/yoga pants when wardrobe calls for dresses.

Apologies on the mirror shot.
I didn't think to get a picture until too late
and my mom was already asleep when I got home!
Those rules then result in this look when bumming it in holding (where you spend 98% of your time). This look in particular sparked a few good laughs when people realized I was wearing red flannel pajama pants under a "clubby dress".

The dress I'm wearing is flowy on the bottom, but backless (minus the two straps crossing) and pleather, low cut in the front. I kept the jacket on and zipped up until I was called to set. I knew any malfunction was highly unlikely but the jacket eliminates that possibility 100%.

The bottom is very flowy and not short but when in holding for 99% of the 16 hour day on set, you want the flexibility to sit in as many possibly comfortable positions as possible, hence the pants. Not to mention it was a 6AM call time and quite chilly outside while waiting for the shuttle to set! Plus, they're UGA and have pockets.

As for the house shoes, I wear them all the time at home and it's no different on sets. They have a rubber sole so I have also worn them in public a number of times and they're great because they don't SCREAM house shoes like my slippers do. They are also your best friends when you've been idly standing or dancing in heels — on set or not. I love these shoes so much. My mom has a pair and wears them as much as I do.

Now, if I was actually going out with friends and chose to wear this dress and heels, you would not find a casual jacket, house shoes, or pants in my clutch. Only when I'm on sets do I let my self look like a tackonista. I'm claiming this word now.

Tackonista (adj., Tack-oh-knee-stuh) - The art of dressing fashionably but temporarily adding elements of comfort on top of and/or underneath, making the outfit appear tacky.

When you come to set you have to bring multiple outfits and shoes for wardrobe to pick through, so coming to set often makes you look like you're headed out on a weekend trip! On the shuttle back to our cars after we wrapped I said to a friend, "if I was walking back to my car like this with all my bags, people would think I'm homeless." 

Which is absolutely true.

What's the tackiest way you slum it? 

Jacket: Old Navy
Dress: Red Dress Boutique
PJ Pants: Got them from a tent 
after a UGA game year ago
Shoes: Target

Did you hear? I got in to grad school in LONDON! Unfortunately blogging doesn't bring in any bucks, so if you're looking for something to do with your tax refund I can definitely put it to good use! ;)

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