Monday, April 27, 2015

Re-SEW-loution: April

I might have started out the month of April a project behind, but as we round out the final few days of the month I am on track — maybe even a little ahead!

I kept this month's project short and simple... Take a look!

First off, I apologize for the lack of b-roll (video of action, not me talking) in this video. When I uploaded the videos from my camera I thought some pieces were missing because at one point my camera was blinking and saying it was out of memory. But just now I was trying to find the files and came across 2 lengthy segments of b-roll that had disappeared into the abyss and only just reappeared.
I did update my iPhoto to the new Photos a day or so before I uploaded the videos and it's so complicated and hard to find anything, I now believe that is to blame. If you haven't updated yet to Photos, WAIT! It's not worth it! The organization within the program is rubbish. 

Back to the project!

As I mentioned in the video, this is probably the favorite pieces I've made so far. 

I have a hard time finding shorts (and pants) that fit my bottom half properly. I have a butt and hips, which creates problems in getting something that fits everything the way it should and these shorts do just that. These shorts are so comfortable and I think a lot of that has to do with them 1- Not being denim, 2- They don't have a button, 3- They sit higher up which means instead of digging in to your lower abdomen and love handles, they cover and smooth it! 

Not only are these shorts comfortable, they were super easy and super cheap to make!! Including the cost to get the pattern printed, the shorts cost me less than $20! A pair of shorts similar to these at Target would probably cost at least $25.

(Full Disclosure: I purchased the fabric and the zipper. I already have black thread from January's project. The fabric was 40% off and I got the zipper at a discount also. Always check for coupons!)

I found the pattern and instructions on Pinterest. It's always a lifesaver when a printable pattern is provided and step-by-step directions with pictures are included, but I have to say the pictures and half sentence directions with this pattern weren't the best. I could get the general idea of what I needed to do but a couple of times needed to verify with my mom. The pictures were located above the steps they represented, so I often found myself looking at Step 3 but Picture 4 and getting more confused by the second.

Next month's project is looking like it will be quick and painless project, much like this one. It, too, has a pattern provided and having already picked out the fabric, it's looking like it will be done in no time at all! 

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