Friday, April 17, 2015

Bangle Jangle

Outfits aren't complete without accessories and I have been wearing these bangles with just about everything.

These bangles are a complete set, meaning they came together. Some are even attached via the dangling charm.

These were a gift (I don't remember if it was for Christmas or my birthday... I opened them at the same time!) from my best friend. I remember her telling me she liked them so much after she got them for me she went back and got a set for herself!

The set includes every color — silver, gold, rose gold, and bronze — along with a variety of styles which makes them super easy to pair with any outfit and other jewelry.

Bangles have been around for ages. I've always loved them as a simple accessory that can be worn day or night, work or play. But they're often too big for my arm. Meaning they can go all the way to my armpit with no problem.

I prefer my bangles to sit/stop mid-forearm and these do just that. Praise Jesus, Hallelujah!

Aside from being a variety of colors and styles, these bangles have small charms dangling from them. An elephant head, a feather, a tassel, and a blue gem are the lucky VIP's at my arm party. I don't know if the charms are the same on all sets or if different sets had different charms.

These charms are another accent that makes me like these bracelets even more. It creates more of a statement compared to plain, uniform bangles. The variety of charms creates even more versatility and possibilities to wear these with.

We all have fashion sounds we love. For me, they are: heels on floors, nails typing on keyboards, and the jangle of bangles.

I'm always moving my hands or my feet and that means the bangles are a'janglin. I have no problem with it but depending on where I'm going, I try to be mindful about where I wear them. For instance I don't wear them to set — the microphone's pick up on the slightest whisper and I can only imagine how annoyed the sound guy would get to have a constant jangling! They cushion heels so they don't click and interfere! — or to church — I can't stand when people make unnecessary noise (I recently sat a in front of a woman filing her nails during the service!!) and I don't want to be that person! — but aside from that, these have become my go-to accessory!

With spring here and summer coming, bare arms are calling for arm parties and my arm is ready to rock!

What's your current go-to accessory?

Did you hear? I got in to grad school in LONDON! Unfortunately blogging doesn't bring in any bucks, so if you're looking for something to do with your tax refund I can definitely put it to good use! ;)

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