Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Re-SEW-loution: March

I didn't complete this project in my intended deadline, but that happens.

March's project was a maxi dress. It turned out nothing like how it started..!
Check it out!

I really need to work on my "umms"!

Like I said, this dress took a long time to do and I'm so glad it's done! I think I've learned my lesson is jumping in over my head. Once I get a little more experience (and/or a sewing form!) I'll be more comfortable doing something that I don't have a reference or pattern for.

In addition to bringing in the sides on the bust in a tad, I also need to add something (there's a word for this thing, I just don't remember it at the moment!) to keep the fabric forming the V from folding over.

I'm very happy with the fabric I chose! It's a light linen, so it's comfortable for the warm weather. Pairing the floral with the dark purple keeps the dress from being too stimulating. I have plenty left over and am already contemplating what I can make with this, especially the floral!

I purchased all materials (fabric, thread, zipper) from Joann Fabrics for under $40! (discounts included) That's about what a dress would cost at retail and I have plenty of fabric and thread left over to make something else.

Bonus — this neckline paired with the dark purple going along the natural waist makes my boobs look bigger and my waist smaller and who doesn't want that??

Better get started on this month's project! I'm keeping it short!  

Initial Inspiration: Pinterest

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