Monday, April 13, 2015

Red Carpet Rundown: 2015 MTV Movie Awards

Stars stepped out on to the blue carpet for last night's MTV Movie Awards, hosted by Amy Schumer.

Without further adieu, let's take a look!

Scarlett Johansson
Zuhair Murad

I'm obsessed.

This is absolute perfection. 

The colour, the fit, the cut outs, the clutch. 

I want it all, except the earrings. They look like disco balls floating above her shoulders. 

I rate it: 10/10

Jennifer Lopez
wearing Versace 

Different carpet, same outfit. 

I've said it before: this is tyical J. Lo. 

The fit is phenomenal and she looks incredible, as always, but I wish she would switch it up every now and then. 

I rate it: 9/10


Amy Schumer
wearing Balmain

This is a great dress! It looks great, it's fun, and it's interesting. 

I wish she had added some contrast to it, though. A lip, a shoe, and necklace.... something. 

The dress is the focus but when you look at her face or her shoes it's just, blah. 

I rate it: 7/10


Cara Delevingne
wearing Reem Acra

I don't love this but I don't hate it. 

My initial thought was a modernized colonial frock. 

I love the colour and the design on the top but once you get past the black band it all goes south... pun intended. 

The bottom looks like it's a frayed edge. The sleeves should have been a continuation of the pattern on the top, rather than a poofy purple sleeve.

I rate it: 6/10

Victoria Justice
wearing Versace

Meh, not a fan. 

For some reason it has me thinking '90's Barbie'.

Nothing specifically speaks to me about why I don't like this outfit, I just don't. 

She's beautiful but this dress doesn't do anything for her. 

I rate it: 4/10

Bella Thorne
wearing Peter Pilotto

I would love to see this dress in person. I bet the detail on it is gorgeous. 

It looks fabulous on her, with her shoes, and her hair and makeup. 

Fun, young, and playful.


I rate it: 10/10

Anna Camp
wearing Peter Pilotto

Another gorgeous dress. 

I wish she had done something with her hair to draw more attention to the dress and her face.

Pulling her hair back would also help balance out with her shoes. 

I rate it: 8/10

Brittany Snow
wearing Brandon Sun

I love love love the pink and red colour blocking trend. 

She looks fantastic and her dress is gorgeous! 

I wish she had added a little something else to it. It's a little... plain? dull? Just a necklace or something could have amped it up. 

I rate it: 8/10

Shailene Woodley
wearing Isabel Marant

Does anyone know if she rode up on a motorcycle? 

I like the individual pieces of the outfit.
The top, the pants, the boots, but I do not like this look all together and I do not like the look for a carpet. 

Especially for someone who knew she was going to/could (and did) win big last night. 

I rate it: 3/10

Rebel Wilson

Yes. This is fabulous. 

She looks amazing, the dress and underside of the cape is amazing, the shoes. 

 I'm kind of obsessed with capes!

I rate it: 10/10

Willow Shields
wearing Bibhu Mohapatra

Did she get this from her grandma's closet? 

The colour is great but the fit and the pattern ages her a lot

Maybe it's also the pose, too. Floating head much? 

I rate it: 3/10

Holland Roden
wearing Caterina Gatta

This is so adorable but the pattern screams 'public restroom tile!'

But I really do like this dress!

She pulled her hair back and gave a pop of colour with the shoe.... the two things I always wish people would do!

I rate it: 9/10

Emily Ratajkowski 
wearing Fatuso Paglisi 
This looks like fancy a swimwear coverup. 

The colour is fabulous, as is the bedazzling, but when put together in a dress like this, I'm not a fan. 

I rate it: 5/10

Hailee Steinfeld
Did Tim Burton direct this awards show? 

This overall look is way to dark and slightly gothic for any occasion, really. 

With a frilly collar, her hair needs to be pulled back. That's to much going on around her face. 

The skirt is a very unique piece and I'd love to see it paired with a fun spring colour instead of an long sleeved olive button up. 

I rate it: 3/10


Amber Rose
She looks fabulous. 

The dress hugs her figure and accents all her major curves. 

I'm digging the diagonal colour split down the dress. It not only adds to the accentuation of her curves but provides just the right amount of wow to this dress. 

I wish I could say the same about her shoes. 

I rate it: 8/10

Bai Ling
She has a history of unique outfits on the red carpet, so this is no surprise.

It's actually really cool when you look at it. 


Maia Mitchell
Maia is keeping it simple in a LBD. 

She looks great but I'm bored. 

Everything on her is dark. 

I think it would have been fierce if she did a pop of bright color as her eye shadow. She should have done a bright smokey eye for an unexpected pop when everything else is black. 

I rate it: 7/10

Jillian Rose Reed
This reminds me of the curtains from a 90s beach house. 

The design of the dress is great — I'm digging the double straps. But the pattern is killing me. 

I rate it: 4/10


Charli XCX
wearing Jeremy Scott
I kind of love this coat dress. 

It's incredibly unique, it's fun, and it's perfect for the MTV movie awards (and a freak rain shower). 

I'm not a fan of the heel boots on anyone but she made the smart decision to go with a neutral color so it's not too much with her dress. 

This dress works especially well with her dark hair. Had she been blonde and had her hair down, it would be too many light colors. 

I rate it: 10/10

Katie Stevenes 
This dress is adorable and I want it. 

She looks so chic and fresh. 

I have no critiques!

I rate it: 10/10

Kiersey Clemons
I really like this dress. 

The color is great for the season and great on her skin. 

I do wish it was tailored a little better so it wasn't bunching on the ground, but aside from that I wouldn't change a thing about this! 

I rate it: 9/10

Halston Sage
This dress reminds of me Emily Ratajkowski's (as seen above) and this one hasn't worn me over, either. 

Aside from the style of the dress, I'm not sure about the starburst things on it. 

I rate it: 4/10


Greer Grammar

I could be totally wrong but this dress looks like it's way too heavy for this time of year. It would be great on the fall carpets but it doesn't work for me on this one. 

I wish this dress was shorter. It would be such a cute short dress that would lighten it up, not only in terms of fabric but also less dark. 

I rate it: 5/10


Bea Miller
Had this been street wear, I'd love this. I don't think it's quite carpet attire, though. 

My favorite part is the striped shirt and striped shoes. Mixing and reintroducing the same pattern is such a great trend. 

The red lip is spot on, too. 

I rate it: 8/10


Jessie J
I thought this was Cher at first glance.
or fancy pajamas. 

Either way I don't like it. 

I rate it: 2/10

This carpet sure had a variety of interesting looks. Of all carpets to rock some interesting and bold looks, this one is it.

The variety of looks on this carpet makes it difficult to name a best and worst dressed, but it must be done.

I deem the best dressed of the blue carpet: Charli XCX! There were a number of contenders but this look was a cut above the rest. The risk she took and how well she executed this look all helped her take this carpet's best dressed!

The worst dressed doesn't even seem to have gotten dressed.. Yes, Jessie J and her sparkly pajamas!   There's really not much else to say!

Who is your best and worst dressed?

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