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Red Carpet Rundown — 2015 Oscars

The biggest awards show of the season is here!  

The stars stepped out on the (soggy in some areas) red carpet for the 2015 Oscars and some of the looks are certain to be

wait for it-

Let's take a look!

Kelly Osbourne

This dress is fantastic! 

Black dresses are tough on carpets because they don't come across in pictures very well but Kelly nailed it with this dress. The lace detail on the arms and shoulders, in addition to the underneath, is amazing. 

I love it. 

I rate it: 10/10

Catt Sadler
wearing Charnel Zoe

The dress itself is immaculate. 

But overall I'm bored. 
Her hair, her skin, her dress... Nothing stands out. 

I rate it: 4/10

Giuliana Rancic
wearing Mireille Dagher

I love this dress from the knees up. 

The detail is amazing and her body looks slamming. 

But the flower stream going down her leg reminds me of a 90's nightgown. 

I rate it: 6/10

Jamie Chung
wearing Yanina Couture

At first glance I thought, 'meh' but once I really looked at it I really like it. 

I love the inversion effect that happens at the waistline. 

I could do without the extra bursts on the skirt, but overall I think this is a fantastic dress. 

I rate it: 7/10

Patricia Arquette
wearing Rosetta Getty

She looks fabulous! 

The dress is age appropriate but is also so chic and honestly, I could see stars of all ages — and sizes — wearing a similar look. 

I love the shoulder drape, too! There's a bit of back details on this carpet, and I'm totally a fan! 

I rate this: 10/10

Anna Kendrick
wearing Thakoon

Don't hate it but I could do without it. 

The color looks great on her, but it's a springy color, not February. 

It's also a little high school prom-y for me. 

I rate it: 6/10

Gina Rodriguez
wearing Manon Gabard

I want to see the back of this dress. 

Similar to Patricia Arquette, she has back drape-age, and I wish the picture showed that. 

The color looks incredible on her, though! 

I rate it: 7/10

Lorelai Linklater
wearing Gabriela Cadena

This look screams "messy!" to me. 

As a fellow long haired woman, when there's that much detailing and the neck is so high, your hair has to be pulled back or put up. It's just too much otherwise. 

I don't care for the dress, and by the look on her face she doesn't either. 

I rate it: 3/10

Margot Robbie
wearing Saint Laurent


Like I mentioned above, it's tricky doing black on the carpet and Margot is slaying it! 

The sheer sleeves, the deep plunge, the red lip... Perfection. 

I rate it: 10/10

wearing Vivienne Westwood

This looks like the slip that was to be worn under her actual dress. 

Her hair and makeup look amazing, though.

And that's the only nice thing I have to say about this. 

I rate it: 2/10

Melanie Griffith

Holy cow YES. 

Amazing amazing! 

This speaks for itself! 

I rate it: 10/10

Dakota Johnson
wearing Saint Laurent

The color of this dress and the fit are fabulous. The red goes well with her fair skin tone. 

I'm not a fan of the shoulder knot, is it supposed to be a 50 Shades bondage reference?

I rate it: 5/10

Laura Dern
wearing Alberta Ferretti

I can't decide if I love this or if I hate it. 

The dress fits very well and I love the curve on the bust that goes with the natural curve of a woman's chest.

But I think all the detailing might be a little too young for her? Or maybe it's because her hair is down? 

I rate it: 6/10

Marion Cotillard
wearing Dior Couture

I love this one minute and hate it the next. 
and repeat. 

The fit is amazing and I like the train. With a white dress it can be pretty blah, so the train helps. 

But something about the circle cut outs screams 'beach cover up'

I rate it: 8/10

Felicity Jones
wearing Alexander McQueen

Yes. When I think Oscars I think a gown like this. 

The detailing on the bodice is to die for

I don't like the little bustle at her hips, but aside from that, I love this. 

I vote it: 9/10

Zoe Saldana

From the waist up, the dress is pretty. After that it goes downhill fast. 

I think the wrapping around her hips make them look wider than they are (it can also likely be attributed to her pose). 

The ruffle down the center is terribly placed and give the dress a cheap look. It's very Macy's Prom dress. 

I rate it: 2/10

Naomi Watts

This dress is very unique but I don't think it's Oscar's appropriate. 

I'd wear this at the beach or in the summer, not the Oscar's red carpet. The black bandeau thing is why I have this problem. 

I rate it: 4/10

Rosamund Pike

This dress is stunning. 

The bodice is killer and her waist looks tiiiny. 

Her minimal make up makes such a statement, too. 

I rate it: 10/10

Chrissy Teigen
wearing Zuhair Murad

Is she turning in to a JLo and every dress shows off the boobs and the legs? 

There's hardly any dress here and a whole lot of fabric pieces. 

The color of the dress is very nice and hasn't been seen much on this carpet. I'm not digging the lipstick, though! 

I rate it: 3/10

Sienna Miller
wearing Oscar de la Renta

This, unfortunately, is one black dress that didn't come across well on camera. 

I'm sure it's exquisite in person, but it looks like a denim dress in these pictures. 

Her make up is on point, though! 

I rate it: 4/10

Kerry Washington
wearing Miu Miu

I usually see the glass half full, but this one is half empty in my book. 

The skirt is fabulous and I want one, but that peplum (and I loooove peplums) is awful. 

It chops her boobs in half and isn't really that pretty. It's the palm leaves.  

I rate it: 5/10

Julianne Moore
wearing Chanel

The dress as a whole: absolutely stunning. 
The dress on her body: not as stunning. 

What's killing me is the position of the middle strip. Why would anyone put a singular horizontal stripe on the widest part of a woman's body?

I rate it: 7/10

Cheryl Heins

She looks like she's already had too much to drink. 

Her one sleeve looks like it's falling, her boobs look like they're going to pop out, and her shoes don't match very well.

I rate it: 4/10

Octavia Spencer
wearing Tadashi Shoji

I'm disappointed. Octavia is so beautiful and this dress doesn't do her justice (her unenthused face doesn't do much, either). 

I get the concept of the dress, but it wasn't executed well. 

I rate it: 2/10

Cate Blanchett
wearing Maison Margiela Couture

Stunning. The fit of her dress is impeccable and the statement necklace is all it needs. 

It draws you to her face which is stunning. 

I rate it: 10/10

Chloë Grace Moritz
wearing Miu Miu

This is cute. Very age appropriate. 

And I think it has pockets, which every girl will tell you is the best thing since yoga pants.

I do wish she had done something with her hair and a pop of color on her lip.  

I rate it: 8/10

Viola Davis

Another dress I'm not a fan of. 

It doesn't look like it fits right in the top half, which then takes away from the full effect of the shirt. 

She has been rocking her natural hair quite a bit this awards season (as well as on HTGAWM) and it looks fabulous. 

I rate it: 3/10

Lupita Nyong'o
wearing Calvin Klein Collection

Lupita did herself an injustice when she wore that fantastic dress last year. She set the bar so high and hasn't been able to surpass it. 

And this dress falls very short. It's made out of 5,000 pearls and is a great concept, the top is what is really killing me. 

The excessive bunching and pattern of the pearls is too much for her frame.  

Massive kudos, because that dress has got to be heavy!

I rate it: 4/10

Benhati Prinsloo
wearing Armani Privé

I'm literally just staring, thinking of something I could say. 
I'd totally wear that top, but that's about it. 

The skirt looks like a mosquito net and that necklace?? I don't even know where to begin.

I rate it: 2/10

Rita Ora
wearing Marchesa

Finally another WOW dress on the carpet! 

Rita looks stunning. The fit is impeccable, the flare starts at the right place for her, and she kept her makeup simple. 

Nailed it. 

I rate it: 10/10

Reese Witherspoon
wearing Tom Ford

She's always stunning.

This dress is gorgeous and her waist looks incredibly tiny. 

But I felt like I'd seen this dress before. I think it's because it's so similar to her 2011 Oscars look. 

I rate it: 9/10

Gwyneth Paltrow
wearing Ralph & Russo Couture 

I loved this when I first saw it. It's such a statement. 

But it's not as good from the front. It's a bit Barbie? 

I rate it: 7/10

Nicole Kidman
wearing Louis Vuitton

Speaking of Barbie, I think this is the dress 90's Barbie came in. 

Seriously, it looks like something a child would pick out. The shiny sheen of the dress is way too much. If this was 15 years ago I think this dress would be perfect, but it's not. 

I rate it: 2/10

Scarlett Johansson 

This picture looks much better than the one I initially saw. But that hasn't changed my opinion on it. 

The dress is gorgeous. I love the color, and the fit is spot on. 

The necklace is divine, but not with this dress. Change the color of the dress, but don't make them the "same" color (in the first picture I saw the necklace and dress we not the same color as they appear here). 

I rate it: 6/10

Jennifer Aniston 
wearing Versace

She can wear a potato sack and look amazing. 

Same goes for this dress. Amazing. 

I wish she had added some color somewhere; either jewelry, a lip, something. 

I rate it: 9/10

Emma Stone
wearing Elie Saab

Another queen of the red carpet! 

She has nailed it once again. The color is young and fresh and she just looks fantastic. 

I rate it: 10/10

Jennifer Hudson
wearing Romona Keveza


This look is incredibly boring. It's pretty but where's the Oscars glam? 

I rate it: 5/10

Jessica Chastain

What a great color to wear on the carpet! It not only looks amazing and stands apart from the other looks on the carpet, but it looks amazing on her. 

Her waist is accentuated, as is her style, and she looks great. 

I'm not completely sold on the sparkly bit. Only because it looks like a bedazzled sports bra and her top is slouching. 

I rate it: 6/10

Lady Gaga
wearing Azzedine Alaïa

I'm loving her style transformation. 

This dress is so her and it's gorgeous. The gloves are Gaga, so I'm not surprised. It could be worse! 

She looks amazing, gloves or not. 

I rate it: 8/10

Oprah Winfrey
wearing Vera Wang

She looks great but this was somewhat expected from her. 

Google "Oprah red carpet" and you'll see that this is her go-to style. 


I rate it: 7/10

Meryl Streep

Work it. 

She can do no wrong. 

I rate it: 10/10

Anna Faris
wearing Zuhair Murad

The dress is stunning. 

I wish she had done something else with her hair, though. Maybe it looks a little mop-y because of the rain? 

A pop of color would have been great, too! 

I rate it: 7/10

Jenna Dewan-Tatum


She has just the right about of skin balanced with the coverage elsewhere (I'm looking at you, Chrissy Teigen)

The pop of red on her lips is spot on. 

I rate it: 10/10

Kiera Knightley 
wearing Valentino

Considering some of her past red carpet looks, this one is a league about the rest! 

Yes, it looks like she frolicked through a field of flowers and sat on a wet bench in France, but it could be worse. (remember the Golden Globes?)

I rate it: 7/10

Jennifer Lopez 
wearing Elie Saab


Is JLo feeling alright? She's not showing her legs, so I'm concerned! 

All jokes aside this is a very gorgeous dress. But I think it would have been more gorgeous in a color. Instead of looking like you're covered in skin bumps, this dress in light blue would really stand out. 

I rate it: 5/10

Well what a carpet this has been! I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of glam for the Oscars, but what do I know?! 

With every red carpet comes a best and worst dressed. While the worst outweighs the best, we shall start at the top! 

This carpet's best dressed goes to Rita Ora in Moschino! She brought the glam and that's ultimately what won her this title! 
As for worst dressed, it's 90's Barbie — er, Nicole Kidman in Louis Vuitton!  

Who gets your vote for best and worst dressed? 
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