Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Re-SEW-loution: February

Not quite a full month means double the projects, right?


 While neither of the items were to the caliber of work needed my Cape Coat did, they both turned out wonderfully!

Bogart has deemed himself the inspector of all projects. He's lucky he's yet to be pricked by a pin — either in his nose or his toes! 

I didn't make many changes to either of these projects. It was a lot of guess work, though. Neither items had a pattern to print so my mom and I broke out the tape measurer, scissors, and similar items to make sure things were going to fit properly.

I found all of the materials for both of these projects at JoAnns. I have a good bit of the double sided jersey I used for my niece's top and plan on using that for a future project. It's so cute and I'm obsessed with the reversible fabric. I'm leaning towards making an infinity scarf (which is on my list), but we'll see!

1 yard of the gray fabric + gray thread + 2 sets of 4 sparkly buttons + 1.5 yards of a lining fabric + 3 yards of nude tulle + 4 yards of ivory tulle + a roll of elastic totaled less than $40 after all discounts were applied! You can hardly get something from a boutique for that price, much less make 2 things with fabric left over.

Stay tuned! Next month I'm making a maxi dress! 


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