Thursday, June 18, 2015

Transitional Hybrid

Before the weather became stupid hot, there was a very small window consisting of beautiful blue skies and perfect temperatures. 

I love that time of year, mostly for the temperatures, but mainly because the options of what to wear encompasses my entire wardrobe. Tank tops and pants, shorts and long sleeves, boots or sandals, and layers.

Warm weather wardrobe and cold weather wardrobe paired together make for some of the best outfits in my opinion. A girl loves her options and this allows for plenty. Bright colors aren't necessary since summer isn't in full swing (at the time), but great accessories and fresh styles make the otherwise colder look the perfect fashion hybrid.

I was so excited when I put together this outfit. It's simple, it's classic, and can be worn for a number of reasons. On this day in particular, it was to lunch with my parents.

I wear these pants all the time. I just can't help it! They are comfortable, great for different temperatures, go with just about everything, and are perfect for pairing a fabulous shoe with! Bonus points because your legs don't have to be shaved.

The shirt is a new favorite. I purchased it with London weather in mind. A better and perfect basic top to have. I have some other clothing items I've already purchased for my move and am doing my best not to wear them before then but I just can't help it sometimes. It's very comfortable with a slight stretch, giving it the perfect combination of flowy and form fitting, with the sides being a little longer than the front and back. I much prefer this style to the "mullet"/high-low style shirts.

The hat, also a "For London" purchase, I plan on wearing many, many times before I (and after) leave. It took me a little bit of looking before I finally found one I liked. It has a small braided sash where the brim and the top meet, which I really like. Having dark hair I wasn't crazy about getting a black hat. I was looking for a lighter brown or camel colored one but when I put this one on I really liked it and the contrast the sash provides is a factor. It'll be great for rainy days, greasy hair days, or like this day in particular, I'm running late and my hair isn't completely dry.

Wide brim fedora hats are very popular this season and I completely understand why. In addition to what I've already mentioned, it's so comfortable, it's excellent for protecting my face from the sun, and is great when you want to pair with some shades and pretend to be Carmen Sandiego. I'd be willing to bet this will be one of my go-to accessories for quite a while.

The shoes are a shorter heel which puts them in the "Every Day" category as well as the "Night Out". There will be more on these in a future Shoesday post! 

Black is always and will always be a fashion staple. But unless I'm going for an all-black, Rachel Zoe inspired look (she loves all black!), I added just a little pop of color. I added a jade necklace that I don't wear nearly enough. It's so unique and special (and a gift from my wonderful daddy!) I love being able to wear it and shamelessly show it off, and brag on my daddy and how he spoils my sisters, mom, and me with such great jewelry. Like the shoes, you can expect this necklace to be featured in a future jewelry post.

Keeping the look casual and springy, I paired the outfit with a natural, slightly pink lipstick to finish it off.

What is your go-to accessory this summer?

Top: TJ Maxx
Pants: American Eagle, 
found at thrift store
Shoes: TJ Maxx
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