Monday, August 3, 2015

Hat Trick

I've never been much of a hat wearer.

Unless it's a baseball cap while shark fishing or doing outside work (which we know never happens), or a big ole sunhat at the beach, my head has been naked as a jaybird.

I'm not sure why I've never been much of a hat wearer. Be it I just don't find them that work for me or I'd rather spend my money on shoes? My sister wears them all the time and they totally work for her, which does make me a little jealous.

These wide brimmed fedora hats have been popping up everywhere, and every time I saw another one I wanted one more and more.

I also thought it would be a great investment for London. Great to pop on when it's raining or when I'm planning on spending the day walking and exploring outside. Gotta protect my preciously pale Scotch-Irish skin! 

I did a little online browsing for was flabbergasted by the prices of the hats I liked. I shouldn't be surprised, it happens all the time when you have champagne taste on a water budget.

The next day my mom and I were on our weekly Target shopping trip as we passed the hats, bags, scarves sections I mentioned how I was looking for a hat this stye. That's when my mom pointed and said, "there are some right there."

And that's where we found this one.

The overall selection was very sparse. They only had a handful, if that, of styles in-store and after finding the one that was not only the right material but also right brim length, this was our contender.

I put this one on and immediately my mom loved it and said it looked great. But that's what moms are supposed to say, right?

I found a mirror and had to agree with her. And thus this hat had a home.

In my online quest, I was looking for lighter colored hats, either tan or camel colored. I was hesitant to get a dark colors because of my dark hair, especially if I ordered online, which I'm glad I didn't.

The braided band really helped my final decision. I like the contrast that ran around the hat, breaking up the monotony of solid black while adding a little pizazz.

I learned it's not the best to wear with all the windows rolled down unless properly positioned on your head. After a few adjustments to the windows and tipping the hat down on my forehead, any potential disaster was averted. Just remember to readjust once the windows are up and the vehicle is parked. For me and my head, the straight across brim is not favorable.

I have also learned it's excellent to wear when your hair isn't quite 100% dry, as was the case on this particular day. Quick blow-dry job on the ends and body, hairspray, and a hat.

That's my kind of hat trick.

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