Friday, July 31, 2015

New Year's Re-SEW-loution: July

I've always been good friends with procrastination.... Thankfully I'm the smarter, faster, and prettier one.

I tried to do this project by myself but I ended up making a huge mistake in the beginning (which I didn't realize until much later) that got things off to a bad start.

Thankfully my mom is always ready to save the day!

(Also thankful for Bogart and his adorable cameos... there's an especially cheeky one this month. Also a lovely visit from some very welcome guests eating our front yard! This month's video is long so I tried to make it as interesting as possible...)

So the Parisian Shirt didn't go as planned. But eventually it came out alright. 

As I mentioned, it took forever to find the fabric. Most striped fabrics has equal black and white stripes, which was a little to jail house for this project. It was also impossible to find a striped patterned fabric that wasn't sheer! I unsuccessfully went to a number of different fabric stores and scoured a good number online. Eventually I ordered the striped fabric online and bought the polka dots in-store. Even the sales associate said she hadn't seen any striped fabric in store in a white. 

le sigh.

When I purchased my striped fabric, I also purchased next month's fabric as well, to prevent having to pay more for shipping than the fabric. The striped fabric cost me $7.62, the polka dot was about $0.70 — so after shipping, this shirt cost about $10, but not even because I still have striped fabric left!! 

I'm on the hunt for a sleeve pattern for my next project. I have the fabrics and hopefully it will be much easier than this month. I feel like I say that every month? I've also been thinking it might be one of my last projects, unless I'm able to squeeze in another project before I go. 

How appropriate is it that one of the fabrics for next month is called "London Calling"?

Polka Dot: Hancock Fabrics

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