Monday, June 29, 2015

New Year's Re-SEW-loution: June

Thankfully June was much nicer to me than May was!

I tackled a wrap/envelope skirt and it's really very simple to make... I guess you could say I skirted through it?
My calendar actually had "scuba skirt" planned but after a number of unsuccessful attempts to find a scuba/neoprene fabric that wouldn't break the bank, I decided to nix that and make something else. And thus, this skirt!

It's no secret I've wanted an Envelope Skirt, so what better way to get one than to make it myself!!

How'd it go?? Well, take a look! 

Like mentioned in the video, I still haven't perfected the darts. I've thought maybe adding a silicone strip on the inside to provide some grip to my skin so I won't have to keep taking it in and taking it in and taking it in.

The fabric cost $8.42 and I purchased it from JoAnns. After making this skirt, I have enough fabric left to make another one. So basically, the skirt cost me $4. Budget: WIN! The fabric is cotton with a slight stretch (I want to say 3% stretch?) and a nice sheen to it, so I assume it will be very comfortable to wear all times of year. 

I did debate on the shape of the skirt. As in the Want it Wednesday post, the skirt has two points, hitting on both thighs, where this skirt just has one. My final decision was made by thinking long term. 

Which one will be in-style longer? 

The dual-pointed skirt may either go out of style or I would get too old for (I have a habit of keeping clothes for as long as possible. Most of my jeans are from, I kid you not, high school) but with the style of this skirt I figure I can keep it around much longer.   

Again, how adorable are Bogart's cameos? 

À bientôt! 

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