Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Want It Wednesday: Envelope Skirt

Who would have thought the skort would ever make an appearance in your closet after you left elementary school? 

Thanks to the envelope skirt and Duchess Catherine approved retailer Zara, it has. 

The skort spent the last 10 years getting a much needed makeover and is now making our lives a bit easier and a lot more fashionable.

An envelope skirt gets it's name because it wraps around your body then overlaps, much like an envelope does. The slit can be in the middle or on the side, and a variety of lengths, and a variety of fabrics, so there is definitely one for everyone.
Patterned Envelope Skirt

The envelops skirt is an excellent alternative (or even younger version) of the classic pencil skirt. Brandon Holley, the editor-in-chief of Lucky Magazine, said

"they still define your waist like a pencil skirt, but instead of rounding out your hips, they're sharp and asymmetrical—which is flattering. And they show a little flash of leg."

Admit it. Skorts were brilliant. You got all the functionality of shorts and not having to worry about accidental underwear shots, with the fashion and adorableness of skirts. Personally, I'm glad they're back and they're so stinking cute.

Knowing my body shape, I think the style of the patterned one pictured above would fit me the best. It draws attention to your legs and also gives them the illusion of longer legs and who doesn't want that?!

I think we'll be seeing this style of skirt in the next couple of seasons, though I think it will be very interesting to see if this style is adapted for fall and winter.  

 Which style of envelope skirts do you prefer?

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