Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cut Rate Chic

Holy moly I am loving this weather.

I'm currently sitting outside, resting my feet on our new fire pit enjoying the buzz of the bugs (I use the term "enjoying" loosely. As long as they don't land/crawl on me they're OK) and watching Bogart frolic in the grass and warm his belly in the sunshine.

The skies are blue.

The weather is warm enough to wear light layers but cool enough to not sweat the instant you start thinking about venturing outside.

My mom, sister, and I went to see the new Cinderella movie this weekend and never knowing what the temperature is like in the theater, I wanted to play it safe.

(The movie was pretty good. I mean, it's not like I haven't seen it before... We were also the only adults without a young child in the theater.)

After the movie, my mom and I stopped and ran a number of errands that made me even more glad I went with this outfit instead of shorts due to the slight breeze the clouds bring the next day's rain brought.

I got these American Eagle capri pants at a thrift store for $4 and they were with every dollar and then some.

I'm not one to shop in thrift/second hand stores. They stores often feel messy and I'm a touchy shopper. I touch everything, even when walking down a row of clothes my fingers flow over the clothes hanging on the racks as I pass. At thrift stores, everything feels — and is — dirty. Have you ever looked at your fingers when you left? I did and they were gross. In fact, the same trip when I bought these pants Ansley and I found a shirt with a partially-sucked-on peppermint STUCK to a shirt and it looked like it had been there a while.

They came with some distressing (as per the design) and my mom eventually patched them at my request with some extra lace from her wedding dress we had laying around.

I usually cuff these jeans by rolling a thumb length twice. This time I switched it up and did a small roll and I love it. It's casual, it's fun, and it didn't make me look short or stumpy like I feared.

I got the shirt for my birthday and I love it, aside from the obvious double decker bus on it! Ironically enough, the print on the shirt is actually the cover of an Aussie children's book, authored by a Jane Godwin. Imagine that.

It's a one-size fits all so it has just the right amount of flow but can easily be slightly tucked to show fit. It's from a website that has a number of cute clothes for very good prices and they offer loads of discounts on top of their great prices.

I put on a belt that's more for accessory than utility but does do some good for holding the pants up. The pants are a little big, a size 4 when I normally wear a 3, so by the end of the day I often tighten the belt another notch so it's less fashion and more function.

The struggle. ha! 

The shoes, leopard print if you can't tell, were given to me by a friend who's suitcase couldn't fit another ounce without being over the limit, so instead of throwing away the £4 shoes she passed them to me since I still had a week remaining in the country and a weakness for shoes.

I don't get the wear them often.  They're an excellent closed toe alternative for thicker shoes in the warm weather. They're very thin and very short around the ankle which makes them darn near impossible to [fashionably] wear socks when them. So I go barefoot in them, which gives me smelly feet (the only time I get smelly feet from shoes), so I'm always cautious and mindful when and where I take them off!

They've had quite a bit of wear and won't be lasting much longer but they're so cute and it's a piece of London I don't quite want to give up yet! (I'm kind of a emotional connection hoarder)

Come to think of it, this outfit is less than $40 which is hard to come by these days.

Where do you look for excellent bargain buys?
Shirt: Romwe
Sparkly Black Belt: Cheeky Peach
Pants: American Eagle
Shoes: Primark

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