Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Party at the Palazzo

I recently discovered Palazzo pants and am so glad I did! They are a more fashionable and socially acceptable yoga pant. They are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear in or out, day or night.

By definition, a palazzo pant is, "a woman's loose, wide-legged pant." They are easily found in an array of styles, from a more structured fabric and solid colors, to the stretchy, vibrant patterned palazzo pants I have. Palazzo pants have been seen on celebs like Blake Lively to Eva Longoria, and Vanessa Hudgens to Anne Hathaway. This reemergence has paved the way for boutiques catering to young women and professional women to get this 60's reminiscent look and while staying fashionable, fun, and appropriate. Like I said in my Feline Fatale post, " Gone are the days of jeans, and here are the days of statement pieces — and I couldn't be happier!" 

If you haven't tried palazzo pants, I highly recommend them! I have seen them in almost every boutique that caters to women my age. I always eyed them because of how comfortable they look but I never thought I'd be able to pull them off because of my lack of long legs.

Necklace: Gift

While shopping after work one day, I finally decided to just give 'em a try and I'm so glad I did! I put them on and fell in love. My only negative is that I wish they were a little shorter. They bunch at the bottom, and I don't mind that when I'm home or at work, but when I wear them outside I'm walking on my tippy-toes or holding my pants up because I don't want them to catch, tear, or start to fray. I spent my money on them, and by golly I'm going to make them last!

Ring: Macy*s 
I wore this outfit this past Friday, and it was perfect — aside from the downpour that happened just as I was about to leave work, with no easy way to roll these pants up. I paired it with a plain black tank, black sandals and accented with jewelry. The pants make quite a statement, so toning it down with a black top, and accenting it with similarly colored jewelry really made the look fun and young, yet professional. I think it's very important for statement jewelry to work in unison with the rest of your outfit, and with multi-colored, chevron striped palazzo pants, I had to make sure my jewelry was yelling in unison with my pants, and not singing a clashing tune.

Tank: J. Crew
Snug Tank: LiviRae Lingerie
Palazzo Pants: Blush Kennesaw
Shoes: Macy*s (not the exact ones, but this years rendition) 

What are your thought on Palazzo pants? Leave a comment and let me know! 

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