Monday, July 7, 2014

Shark Tooth, Oh Ha Ha

If you know me only a little bit, you should at least know I love sharks.

As in obsessed.

Shark Fishing, 2013

I go shark fishing (catch & release) every summer on our annual vacation to Kiawah Island.

I have plans to go cage diving with Great Whites in South Africa for my 30th birthday.

And I love shark tooth jewelry.

I got this bracelet for Christmas, and love it. Now that long sleeves are packed away, I can wear this bangle as much as I want! The tip of the teeth would constantly get caught in my sleeves or sweaters and out of fear of ruining it, I kept it on my dresser until I could wear it with pride or pricks.

Sharks lose 35,000 teeth in a lifetime which is why it's easy to find shark teeth on the beach or in jewelry.

Designer shark
Or on celebrities.

As seen here, brand Givenchy has a shark tooth necklace, as seen on J. Lo.

My shark tooth bangle is the first non-necklace I've seen when it comes to shark tooth jewelry. I love unique pieces, and this bracelet surely is one.

I paired it with a simple white top, dark skinny jeans and leopard print wedges. The accessories on this outfit were making the statements, and I was OK with that! It's nice to let them do the talking, especially when there are some pieces that have such great things to say.

What's your favorite unique piece of jewelry? 

Bracelet: Zulily

PS- Googling "Celebs with Shark Teeth" is pretty hilarious. 

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