Monday, September 8, 2014


My Dearest Blog, 

I express my deepest apologies for neglecting you recently. You see, life has been a bit crazy lately.

It started when I quit my job. I planned on using that down time and getting my blog in shape by doing lots of outfit changes, writing a lot of blog posts and scheduling them out so you'd be up and running.

But plans don't always go accordingly.

On my last day as a consultant at my old job, my grandpa suffered a fall and I had to rush over to his house to allow the paramedics to get inside and help him up and followed them to the hospital. He had no serious physical damage from the fall but it turns out he had a stroke at some point in the day or so prior and was suffering from the repercussions of that.

He couldn't be alone so he was brought to our house and I suddenly became an elder care nurse. It was incredibly difficult. Strokes and their effects are no joke. It's physically and emotionally exhausting — especially when you're dealing with a stubborn old man! My weeks caring for him were spent in yoga pants/leggings and tank tops for days on end. I got to the point where when I actual wore real pants I forgot that I had to actually unbutton pants to take them off instead of just slide them down! 

He spent about 2.5 weeks at our house and I am so thankful for the (professional) elder care nurse we hired. He is now living in an assisted living care facility just down the street from our house.

The day after we moved him in to the assisted living facility, our family left for our annual trip to Kiawah Island.
Relaxing, right?
After the past 2 weeks I was so ready to relax. But my body had a different idea.
I had some type of lower back pain for the entire week. I cried from pain more than once during the trip and I'm sure I looked incredibly odd trying to get out of bed, out of chairs, and even walk. Picture getting out of lounge chairs like someone who's 9 months pregnant, but walking like an old woman, and limping. Getting out of bed was likely even more comical. I'd have to shift my weight to get to the edge, slide my legs off, roll over, and walk myself up! All the while wincing in pain. My mom said it's likely it was caused from all the stress of taking care of my grandpa the weeks prior.

While at the beach, my fashion mostly consisted of a bathing suit & cover up. I'm over the age where it's "cool" to post selfies (my definition of selfie: A picture I take of myself in a mirror) in my bikini (photo shoots with my bestie on the beach is a completely different story). The few times I did wear something decent, I was in no mood to take a picture nor was there a full length mirror I could take it in.

The day after getting back from the beach, I was an extra in a movie! I literally wore the same outfit for 5 days straight. Fear Not! I did get a picture of that, so keep an eye out for that post. I'll talk more in detail about the movie, shooting, and — of course — the outfit!

I've spent hardly any time wearing actual clothes (as I write this I'm wearing leggings and a tank top!), but I do have some pictures stored up to use and with football season here I have a few more reasons to get out of the house. I'm slowly getting back in the groove and will soon be cranking it out... I miss my blog!

And with it being Fashion Week, I find it's only appropriate!


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