Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I had a little shopping spree at Target to pick up some need-for-London items, and that haul 4 of the items of clothing the same shade of green.

The cashier even pointed out, "you must like this color" to which I responded, "yes, it brings out my eyes."

These pants were one of them.

They look a little gray-green in the picture but they're actually a military green.

Regardless of color, the pants are incredibly comfortable.

The elastic waistband means they can be worn regardless of what you've eaten lately or how swollen this wretched head makes you.

The drawstrings have are the source of the only complaints I have regarding these pants. They have little silver rectangular embellishments on the end and their weight causes the drawstrings to come untied. Thankfully these pants don't really need to be tied. My other complaint comes from walking. Naturally the strings move and bounce as you walk, but the embellishments constantly hit in the, ahem, pubic area..

I kept the look natural by pairing it with a gray tee, gray booties, and a green chunky necklace.

and quite frankly this outfit made me feel pretty B.A. I don't know if it was the mix of the military inspired style and heels or what but I just wanted to run around and kick some bad guys.  

It's amazing how an inch or so can change an entire look. For instance, jeans; roll them an inch and you have a whole new look. The same goes with these pants. They have elastic around the ends of the legs so they can be pulled up for a little skin peek-a-boo and a casual, slouchy look. Or wear them loose around the ankle for a still comfortable but slightly more polished look.

I'm wearing these pants now and ironically with a gray tank top. I will branch out and wear it with some other color eventually.

These pants are great for lounging around, running errands, or sitting in an airplane for a while. While these aren't the pants I plan to wear on the flight, they are a very similar style... but more on that another time.

These pants will be great in London because I can pair them with booties, flats, or sandals (does it get warm enough to wear sandals over there??) and while they're durable and would deal well in the rain (or snow) they're still breathable for those rare "warm" days. Hooah!

Top: J. Crew
Pants: Target
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