Sunday, April 15, 2012

End of the semester whirlwind

Well, life is about to get a whole lotta crazy.

Monday: I have class, then my small group that evening.
Tuesday: I have a test, my internship, then HOPEFULLY meeting up my group for a group project we have*
Wednesday: Nothing due, no tests, but I have a final project due Thursday that I will likely be perfecting.
Thursday:  Final project due! I have to create a costume design and design statement for the classic play 'Medea' (not the Tyler Perry ones).  That evening I'm going to see my school's production of 'Chicago' and then I have two papers I have to write about it.
Friday: I have to have a portion of my screenplay ready to be read. I really like my story but I'm currently waiting on my sources to get the information back to me so it can be factually correct.
Saturday/Sunday: As for now, I don't have any plans. But I'm sure it will be spent being lazy + getting my stuff together for the next week, aka the last week of class until Finals!
Monday: One of my Chicago papers is due and small group that evening.
Tuesday: I think this is when my second Chicago paper is due.
Wednesday: I have an exam that I need to ace!
Thursday: Story pitch is due~. Then a class party that evening!
Friday: Since I'll be absent on Monday, I have to turn in my screenplay and my journal to my teacher. I'm going to NC to see my daddy!
Saturday, Sunday, Monday: I'll be in NC. My daddy is having a promotion ceremony Monday which I am so proud of him, and very glad my teachers will excuse that absence.
Tuesday: Reading day- no classes. But my group projects 10-page paper is due. (What do you wanna bet I'll be the one that ends up writing it!?)
Wednesday: I have no final but I have to go to that class and we will get back our screenplays, and chat? I think we can also bring cupcakes and stuff. Only bummer is it's at 8 AM! Blehh
Thursday: I present my Medea final project to my class in our final exam period. Then I am done with my Junior Year of college!!!!!!!
Friday-Sunday: I and my BFFL head to Orlando to do the Expedition Everest 5k!

So that's the run down of my schedule. Also in there is my internship.. But I don't have set days on when I go and when I don't so it's always just when it works for me. Also in there is signing the lease for my place next year-wooo! I'm sure I've forgotten things. But I'm procrastinating as it is, soooooooo I should get on that.

*= It has been so hard to get stuff done with this. I created a Facebook group for us to communicate, and I have been the only one communicating. I created a Google Doc for us to easily share our information, I have been the only one using it. I came up with the suggestion we each get sources for our 10-page paper that's due. I suggested meeting up after class to get a roll on things. Time is ticking and I'm starting to freak out.

~= We have to come up with a story idea, and write a pitch about it. Sounds easy, but we need at least 5 sources, different views on it, a written pitch which briefly explains it, and a rough outline of how the story would be put together, which includes what the video would be and what would be said. I need to get started on mine. I went yesterday hoping the guy I want to talk to would be out and since it was the G-Day game I figured he would be... but he wasn't.

PS- I don't think I told you guys! I'm going to Paris while I'm abroad this summer! It's a weekend trip and I'm excited!!! and the trip with my family is coming together nicely, too! So many exciting things! Suggestions for while I'm in Paris? I get to go to the Lourve, obviously the Eiffel Tower, I plan on eating Crepes, Montparnasse Tower, French bistro dinner, river Sine cruise, sightseeing tour and hopefully some shopping!

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