Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Camels, Advisors and Finals, OH MY!

Tomorrow after 10:45 I can finally breathe easy!! All but two of my finals (projects) will be DONE.
One if due Tuesday, and that's a 10-page group paper. I just have to organize my part of the paper and I'm good with that.
The last is due a week from today, and this weekend I've got a long car trip and I don't need internet to complete it, so I will be golden. It's just a screenplay so anything goes. I just hope my family doesn't read it over my shoulder in the car. That always makes me uncomfortable. If they want to read the finished product, they can, without me in the room.
Speaking of my screenplay, theres a scene where the main character is flipping though the channels and stops on the news. It's 9/11 and the first tower is in smoke. So, to make my screenplay accurate, I went to YouTube and videoed actual live coverage of it. Then in class when we were reading portions, one girl commented that it didn't seem realistic!!!!! I was like "what?! Cause I got that off YouTube." It was probably just the way the person read it. And honey, I'm a digital and broadcast major, I know how to write for news, and I would know how to make it realistic. Whatever.

In relation to frustrating people... MY ADVISOR! Oh my gosh! I didn't know it was possible for a  PROFESSIONAL to be so UNprofessional. Seriously, it made it ill with anger. If you care to know the full story I'd be pleased to let you know. I just don't feel like typing it all out at the moment.

There was a camel on campus today. Twas awesome. 
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