Thursday, June 7, 2012

London Calling

So I'm finally headed off to London tomorrow. After 10+ years of begging and dying to go, I'm finally going. It's surreal and hasn't hit me yet.

Last night my mom and I took B to give him to his pseudo-mommy for the next month. He seemed to do well and she was very nice which really put me at ease.

I went to the bank and deposited some shopping money- cha ching! I'll help London's economy, fo sho. :P

Now I'm sitting on my bed, listening to Ed Sheeran and procrastinating packing the rest of the stuff I need. I still have to vacuum the house (dog hair...), clean my room and bathroom, and dust my room and the room B was sleeping in. I have a check list, but now it's the little things that are scattered through my room and bathroom. I also have to weigh my bag and hope that it's under! My carry on is pretty stuffed already :/ .. whoops.

Tomorrow is National Best Friend Day, so I'm having dinner with my BFFL tonight since I won't be here tomorrow.

My flight to NJ leaves at 5:22 tomorrow, and arrives there around 8-something. Then I switch planes and 10-something we head off to the other side of the pond and arrive there at 10AM there time, 5AM ours. I'm not looking forward to jet-lag, but I'm sure I won't even care once I get there. And I can always take a nap! I just hope I have a window seat on the plane!

Well, I guess I should get to procrast- er- packing!

GPOY (for Ans)

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