Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BBC, Wicked, Harrods and Spider-Man.

Yesterday my friends and I (minus Kelli) had signed up to see 'Wicked' at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. But, before that we had plans to go to The Amazing Spider-Man premier in Leicester Square (with KellI!).

BBC Building
Even before THAT, I had class. We did our typical thing and we got done really early. This Thursday we have presentations. For that presentation, we had to do this thing where (with a partner) we get on at the nearest bus, ride it 12 stops, turn left when you get off the bus, when you pass a man wearing glasses, you turn around and take your next left, etc.... So since there was an odd number of people (we have 8 in the class and one was absent) myself and two other girls went ahead and got this done. It was really neat, but slightly scary. We got on the bus and I suggested we get on it going a certain way, thinking that would lead us to the center of the city.... But I was wrong. So i'm 0/2 on getting directions correct via bus, so I've since given up that right. We ended up near the BBC buildings at one point, and being a DBJ major, I fangirled a little bit on the inside.

Spider-Man in the flesh!
We got there around 18:00, and it was said to start around 18:30. Surprisingly, it wasn't that crowded. We ended up standing where the cars drop them off at the beginning of the red carpet. It was a GREAT view. We were limited on time and were really hoping to see Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, the two main actors in the film. So 19:00 rolls around and we're getting a little antsy. I think it was Lizzy who said if they weren't here by 6:30 we'd just be on our merry way. Luckily, the cars FINALLY started to show up. Andrew Garfield was one of the first people there, and definitely the first big name that showed up. He was very sweet and a handsome Brit. He was in a rush and I didn't have any paper for him to sign, but I was happy with pictures and the experience.

Emma Stone exiting her vehicle
 Shortly after, Emma Stone pulled up. She was sooooo tiny! Also very sweet. She signed some autographs, including two for Katherine and Lindsay, and she also had to scoot on her way. The spot we had were great spots. One because it was the first thing they got to see, and second, they weren't tired of signing and stuff, annnd if they were running out of time it would be at the end rather than right when they get out of their car! But all in all, it was a really cool experience. After we saw her, we left and went to (gag) McDonald's for dinner. Thankfully, the McD's here are MUCH better than in the states. We munched there then hopped back on the tube to head to the theatre!

 We got to the theatre with plenty of time. The seats we got were amazing, and only £17.50! We were on the main level and quite close up! Katherine and I ended up having seats with one inbetween from each other, and ironically enough a girl from my class that I'd gone exploring with earlier had the one in the middle! So she and I switched and all was well. The theatre was beautiful, and even had little binoculars that you could rent for £1 on the seats! Speaking of, the seats weren't very comfortable- they had an obvious butt imprint on them so it was hard to get comfortable unless you weren't sitting in the indent. No fear, that was only a minor issue. Once the "curtain" rose........ (I'm taking a moment here out of pure utter disbelief)..... the show was PHENOMENAL. Wicked is my favorite show for a reason and all my friends that hadn't seen it before became Wicked! I was surprised how easy it was to understand them (with accents) because they were very subtle ones (I'm sure that was intentional. Especially since Elphaba spoke at the end and was OBVIOUSLY Scottish). Their voices were INCREDIBLE. I imagine Angels to sing like Glinda and Elphie.

And so far today, I had class, nothing special, and then Katherine and I met up with Brandi and Lindsay who were at HARROD's (they'd gone for their class). My goodness I almost had a heart attack there! It was beautiful....... but EXPENSIVE. We walked in by the purses and I quickly say 'CHANEL' on the wall. It was like Heaven. 

We stopped at H&M on the way back and I ended up getting a purse. A slightly bigger one because my umbrella doesn't easily fit in my others. I think we have plans to go to Hyde Park in a little bit... But I need to do my homework and Skype my mom during her lunch break! 

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