Monday, December 31, 2012

Adios 2012, hellllo 2013!

What a year it has been. I can honestly say it's been the craziest ear of my life. And I can say that next year will be even crazier than this. So, here's a run down of my past year and a check list of the things to come in the new year.


-I turned 21
-I got a puppy
-our cat died
-My 2-year relationship ended
-My crazy roommate moved out!
-My daddy got a promotion
-I ran a 5K
-Saw Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean 2x! and Luke Bryan again.
-Learned my sister was prego- I'm getting a niece!
-I WENT TO LONDON (PIMMS; amazing friends & memories; British Museum; PLatform 9 3/4, Nandos; seeing the Royal Family in person and getting a picture of Prince Harry looking directly at me; seeing 'Wicked' on the West End; seeing Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield at the Spiderman premier; pubs; Stonehenge; Windsor Castle; Harry Potter Studio Tour; Bath and so so much more.)
-I spent a weekend in Paris (Eiffel tower, went to the Lourve, authentic nutella crepes, saw the lock bridge, had an amazing authentic French dinner (yes, I ate escargot!), went to the catacombs.)
-I met my friend Sophie after 10 years of knowing her!
-Moved into my new house in Athens!
-Doing things for my classes rather than just learning how to do them
-GA/FLA game
-B celebrated his 1st birthday!!
-I had mono
-Christmas parade with my guy and pup
-Sugar cookies

and that leaves me here, New Years Eve. (Though I'm certain I've forgotten a thing or two..)

And- Starting tomorrow, the countdown begins for so many exciting things.

-my niece Emma 'Grayson' will make her debut!
-I graduate
-B will go in for training at some point- not sure when
-I will end up somewhere.. and hopefully with a job

And those are just the few things I KNOW of. It's likely that God has SO much more in store for me in 2013, and I can't wait to see what that may be (even though I am slightly terrified of not knowing where I'll be)

Happy New Year ya'll!

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