Thursday, May 16, 2013

Next Chapter

Well world, I graduated this past weekend. It's pretty crazy to think that I graduated college. Granted, I won't technically be done until the end of July, but still. I walked across the stage. I no longer have to take any classes. I am classified as an alumni.

For the time being, I'm doing an internship at the newspaper here in Athens. I'm doing online things like finding stories from the AP wire, posting them to the website, tweeting and Facebooking them, and things like that. Today was my first day and it was pretty cool. I think I'm going to enjoy it.

But what's next? that's the million dollar question.
Everyone, myself included, keeps asking. I guess I won't know that answer until the end of July. That's when it will all change.

I'll be officially done with school, I'll be done with my internship, I'll be moving out of Athens,  and.....? Let's see. That's how life is right now; a giant ? and it freaks me out! I just spend some time just Googling different stations in cities I could see myself working at and book marking their "jobs"page so my search later will be a little easier. After I'd added about 15 more to my "Jobs" folder on my bookmarks bar, I took a moment and thought, 'where is somewhere I want to live?' Now, Europe aside (cause that's an obvious), I can't think of anywhere. Yeah, Atlanta would be awesome. It's close to my parents house, it's close to my best friend, it's close to Athens. But it's also a very difficult market to start out in. Atlanta is a pretty big player in the scheme of things; we have CNN, Turner, Cartoon Network, etc.. so for a brand spanking new graduate, it's hard to get your foot in the door in a job that's actually working towards what I want to do. My other option would be near Fayetteville, NC, since that's close to my dad.

But aside from those two, I'm scared to go elsewhere. I don't want to move hours away, alone. You always say you'll stay in touch with people, but life gets in the way. School gets in the way. Familial obligations get in the way. It's just how things are. So what happens when/if I move 4 hours away from everyone? Who's going to drive 4 hours to spend a day - maybe 2 -  with me, then drive 4 hours back? It's those kinds of things that scare the begeeers outta me.

 The future is a scary thing. 
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