Friday, May 24, 2013

The First Few Paragraphs in my Next Chapter

I started my internship last week.
It's pretty good. It's Thursday's from 1-5 and Friday's from 9-5. I spend most of the time monitoring the AP wire for relevant or interesting stories to put on the website. Once they're on the website I promote them on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. I also do a little "blog" every day that I'm there, you can check out the ones I've done for far here, here & here.

In between last week and this, I spent Sunday night through Wednesday afternoon taking care of my niece. My sister had to go back to work for the last week of school (she's a teacher), and I loved every minute of it. Grayson is just perfect. She's so sweet and such a happy baby! It may not look like it, but she and I bonded. I got her to bottle feed and take a passy- none of which she does for her parents. :P I got her to do a real laugh (she's 3 months old so she's not doing that quite yet), we talked about going shark diving in South Africa when she's older, and she told me I'm her favorite Aunt. Hey, 3 month olds don't know how to lie!

I've spent some time searching and bookmarking places to apply for. Ironically my internet went out when I was doing that- hmm, wonder what God is trying to tell me with that one ;) Haha! I've mostly been looking in Atlanta, Savannah, Orlando, Charlotte, and Nashville. I'm gonna also probably look into Charleston and more places in NC close to Fayetteville.

My aunt and uncle from DC are currently in town (erm- my parent's house). They're taking my grandpa to Savannah for a couple days and I'm incredibly jealous! Savannah is one of my favorite places to go.

Oh! On a completely different note, I got the most amazing lipstick- EVER. I saw it on Pinterest and was like 'hey I want to see if it really works' so I went on Amazon and ordered it. From the tube, it's a bright green color.

BUT WAIT! When you put it on it reacts to the alkali level in your lips and that determines what color it changes! Look:


How cool is that? I'm obsessed. It's called Touch of Magic by Barry M Cosmetics.

On that note (it's a British company), I'm seriously missing London. A number of Facebook friends are there and posting pictures and it's tough to look at. I miss the people, the walking, the tube, the weather, the laughs, the pubs, the accents, the gardens/parks, the shoppes, Pret a Manage.... basically everything. If anyone wants to take me back (or send me) I'll gladly accept.

Which may lead you to thinking 'why don't you look for a job there?' Well, to answer your question, I plan on it. But not yet. The thought of moving there, alone, absolutely terrifies me.
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