Sunday, June 9, 2013

Same Page, Different Chapter

I planned on doing this post yesterday, but my internet was out since Thursday and just came back up.

A year ago yesterday (6/8) marked exactly 1 year ago I got on a plane and left for London.
But it's so much more than that. Aside from the obvious fact that I went to London on that day, it's probably one of the best days of my life so far.

Her eyebrows are the portal of her personality

My mom drove me to the airport and my sister Ash met us for lunch. It was then that Ash told me that she was pregnant. Fast forward to present day, and little miss Emma Grayson is days away from being 4 months old, she is laughing and smiling, has so much personality, and rolled over for the first time last night.

After I dried my eyes and my cheeks began hurting from the smiling, I had to go to my gate. I checked my bag, went through security, rode the train thing, and arrived at the D gate. After waiting not terribly long, I and the other passengers waiting on our flight to New Jersey, got moved to a new gate. Thankfully we moved down in number which means up the hallway, which means closer to the other gates.


Well, it just so happened that very day my dad was heading back to North Carolina from a business trip, and he had a layover in Atlanta. We had our fingers crossed that the good Lord would align the stars and we'd be able to catch each other. (ironically after my mom left the airport she was headed to North Carolina to spend the weekend with my dad). I anxious clutched my phone, especially since my dad's latest text was informing me that his flight had been delayed. So around the expected arrival time of his flight, I was constantly checking my phone. Nothing... So like a hawk, I watched the people walking down the terminal.

At the terminal about to board!

"DADDY!" Naturally every male walking down the terminal turned and looked except my dad. I threw my stuff down and leapt up, running over to my rushing-down-the-terminal dad. I threw my arms around him and tears started to come. I hadn't seen him in a while, and since I was headed to London for a month, I wouldn't see him for a while. He hadned me his handkerchief We made our way over to sit at my terminal, and there were a little more waterworks, but lots of smiles.
It was also super tough to keep the secret about my sister's pregnancy because I just wanted to burst! 
After not long enough, my flight began to board. My dad contemplated boarding with me (ha!) but obvi, he couldn't. We said one last goodbye with a hug and a kiss and I was on the plane.  Next stop New Jersey.

Then from New Jersey it was a terribly long 4-hour layover at a super gross airport (I had to hold my phone charger in the outlet because it wouldn't stay). Thankfully I made a friend. She's from Texas headed to England to visit her boyfriend. We actually sat right in front/behind each other, so it was nice to have someone to pass the time with.

I didn't sleep super well on the flight, but mostly because of excitement. Who needs sleep when the thing you've wanted most for the past 10 years is happening?!

That was just the beginning of one of my favorite adventures. I met some incredible people, made some incredible memories, and tried things you'd never get me to try in the States.

Fast forward to present day and I'm now a college graduate (WHAT!), doing an internship (you can check out some of the things I've done there here, here, & here) and about to experience a whirlwind of change starting in less than a month.

I wish I was spending my time in Kensington, London but I know a trip back is in future chapters.

Life is beginning and I'm trying to embrace it. I just have to remind myself to keep taking deep breaths.

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