Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wearing our Colors

Memorial Day is a holiday we celebrate to remember the men and women who died while serving in the country's armed forces. 

As I sit here watching "I Wanna Marry Harry", it's easy to forget the sacrifice these men & women have made to make it so I can not only watch this show in my home, but allow me so many other freedoms we take for granted on a daily basis — like wearing what I want to, and writing about it.

I've been very blessed in the fact that my dad is only a veteran, not someone we have to pay our respects to on Memorial Day. 

We were lucky to have my dad home for the extended weekend! He usually would have had to travel back to North Carolina on Monday, but it worked out that he had to be in Atlanta for work on Tuesday! It was a much needed extra day for him, and we all enjoyed spending it with him! 

We spent part of the day stuck in Atlanta traffic, and the majority of it at my sister and brother-in-law's house. The attire is casual, but it obviously had to include red, white, and blue. 

I started out with this flowy white top and my red high-waisted shorts. I've had the shorts for about 2 years now and probably worn them once. I still have a inch or two to lose before they fit comfortably. I could have worn them, but with a 2 hour car ride (one way), playing with my niece, eating, etc, I wanted to be comfortable. 

I swapped out the red shorts for a plain pair of denim shorts, and accented it with a red Swarovski necklace. The outfit worked, but my personal preference is the red shorts. I think the fit of the red shorts is more flattering for my body. I'll just continue my workout regiment and hopefully the shorts will be making many more appearances this summer! 

In an world where I wasn't going to be hanging out barefoot at a house playing with a toddler, I would've worn the navy wedges (semi)pictured with the red shorts. I love these Michel Kors wedges, and they're prefect for just about everything. 

Ultimately, I'm glad I went with my the outfit I did. I took my sandals off as soon as I walked in and didn't put them back on until I walked out. (We often go barefoot down here in the south ;) ) The top was light and flowy, so playing outside with my niece was comfortable and I didn't have to worry about layers sticking to me and sweating. Switching shorts allowed me to eat extra dessert and not have to worry about unbuttoning a button or two! 

What's your go-to American holiday (July 4th, Memorial Day, etc) outfit?

Top: Macy*s
Red Shorts: Charlotte Russe 
Denim Shorts: Had them so long I don't remember
Wedges: Michael Kors (purchased at Macy*s)
Sandals: Probably Macy*s or DSW
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