Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Bites


We all know Monday's can really suck. But it can suck a little less when you're feeling good about what you're wearing. I'm a firm believer in "look good, feel good" and think that starts with your outfit. If you're in leggings and a tank, with your hair undone and no make-up on (like I am right now) then you feel comfortable, but I also feel drab and lazy. While there's nothing wrong with that, dressing like that doesn't make Monday go any faster.

Cue: Shark shirt

Most of y'all know I am obsessed with sharks. Shark week is my second favorite time of year (Christmas being #1) and I go shark fishing on our annual family trip to Kiawah Island. When I saw this shirt, it was a no brainer that it needed to be in my closet.

But, just because it was in my closet didn't mean I wore it. Like I've mentioned, I have a complex about shirts that aren't long enough and I never had a tank to wear under this shirt that didn't ride or bunch. Thankfully, I have recently discovered SNUG camisoles. They are form fitting and don't ride up, so I wear them almost daily.

I'm trying to spruce up my wardrobe with pieces that I already have, and that outfit is just that. I pulled the shirt out of the back of my closet, and I pulled the pants out of the suitcase I packed almost a year ago when I moved out of Athens.

I'm kind of in love with this outfit. It's funny, but not stupid. I think pairing it with a colored pant gave it a contemporary look and made it spring time appropriate (aka not drab and colorless).

I'm glad I gave this shirt another try, and I'm pretty sure it's going to be making more appearances now than ever before.

What's your favorite thing to wear to take the bite out of Mondays?

Shirt: Journey's (the store in the mall with all the shoes)
Tank: SNUG
Pants: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Macy*s
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