Friday, May 30, 2014

Class with Side of Sass

I am slightly obsessed with this top! It's classy with a side of sassy, and it's everything we southern women are made of! 

I purchased this top with summer in mind. It's the perfect tank to pair with a pair of jean shorts, or a pair of patterned Michael Kors shorts like I did. It has a flattering fit and can easily be paired with an arm party, a skirt, or even some yoga pants. This top is excellent for running errands, going out, and it even works if you're having a fat day and just want to be comfortable. 

I feel like I talk about the south a lot on here. I don't mind, because if you talk to any one from the South, and you'll learn the southern way of life is a great way of life. We are laid back, we love Jesus, we love drinking, and we love SEC football. We're passionate, friendly, hospitable, and boy can we cook!  I try to be all the (good) things a southern lady is and I think this shirt is an excellent way to show the southern cheek that we all have. I love diamonds (but hey, what girl doesn't!?), boots (cowboy, fashion, booties, doesn't matter. Love 'em!), and I love me some whiskey. 

My completed look
The tank is a racerback, light gray in color, and a very light material. You can wear it with or without a tank underneath — I chose to wear a black tank underneath to give a layered look, and I think that also makes it a little more "professional" looking — yes, I did wear this to work — and I think it makes the transition to the patterned shorts easier on the eyes.  

I love these shorts. They had a matching blazer that I would have bought in a heartbeat but unfortunately didn't have it in my size, so I had to settle for the shorts. I so badly want to wear with with something other than a plain fitted white or black tank top, and this was my first time doing so. I didn't branch too far, but this is a start! I did a little shopping last week and got a flowy white top  to wear with these shorts, and I think that will be excellent. So stay tuned for that! ;) 

The shorts are very young and fresh. They scream summer with the polka dots (is that the right word for large circles?) pattern and colors. They will be excellent to wear in Charleston this summer! They have a longer inseam, which is nice. Most of my shorts are pretty short, and it gets a little annoying, so it's nice to have a nice, classy pair of shorts that I can wear to work and not be self-conscious about them being too short, etc. They're casual, but can easily be dressed up. Pieces like that are an essential in everyones wardrobe. It makes life easier if you can have one piece serve both functions. That way you save some money to spend on another great piece! 

Tank: LiviRae Lingerie
Shorts: Michael Kors
Shoes: Macy*s


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