Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Want it Wednesday: Burberry Blanket Poncho

Ya know how there's something that makes the pitter patter of your heart a little faster when you see it?
Cara Delevingne

Well, for me it's this poncho.

The moment I saw it I fell in love.

I love anything Burberry and, being Southern, I love a good monogram and this poncho has the best of both worlds.

The Colour Block Check Blanket Poncho hit the runways back in February as part of the AW14 collection and as temperatures are dropping, the poncho is beginning to be seen on a number of celebrities, like Sarah Jessica Parker and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. 

Sarah Jessica Parker
Burberry's latest show was at London Fashion Week a couple days ago, and a number of models had monograms on the Burberry bags they were carrying. Monograms are becoming incredibly popular (just take a look at Pinterest, they're everywhere!) and they are so classy and timeless that every woman needs at least one monogramed item in their life. 

This poncho has an array of colors which means you can literally wear it with anything (a/n: please read "literally wear it with anything" in the voice and style of Chris Traeger on Parks & Rec), and yet it doesn't look tacky. 

Bonus: it's reversible. 
That's like getting 2 pieces for the price of one, right? 

It's not the only poncho Burberry showed on the AW14 runway, but it's the only one that absolutely stole my heart. The others are absolutely gorgeous but I'm a sucker for the colour block of this poncho (it's very reminiscent of the trademark Burberry tartan pattern).

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Unfortunately this piece is currently sold out online. On the bright side, that means I have more time to save up the $1,395 I need to purchase it. But if you're looking at it from the angle of 2-for-1 then it's only $697.50.

But here's my real dilemma. Being 23 years young I have less and less time with 'CMG' as my initials, so when I think about getting something monogrammed I wonder, 'should I just wait?'. I know it sounds silly but I like to use things (clothes, jewelry, home decor, electronics, etc) for as long as possible. I paid for it, so I'm going to get as much out of it as I can! I wonder if I (get the funds to) purchase it if I'd be able to get a rain check on the monogramming. 

Or if anyone wants to go halfsies on this and we share it Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants style, please let me know. 

Would you get your Burberry poncho monogrammed?


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