Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Want it Wednesday: Cut Outs

Showing a little skin in unexpected ways is a sure fire way for any woman to feel a little sexier.

But not all women are comfortable wearing short shorts or skimpy dresses. Our sweet reprieve and classier way to show off some skin has arrived!

To quote Uncle Joey:

Whether it's a subtle flash of side, a scooping low back, or your shoes, the cut out is making a huge statement — and I'm obsessed. 

Bonus points because if you live anywhere where it gets HOT in the summer, cut outs double as an extra point of ventilation to help combat the summer heat!

Cut outs not only provide ventilation but create looks that you can easily take from day to night. Throw on a blazer or sweater and rock the office, then take it off and swap your shoes and you're ready for a fun night out.

Most of the looks I saw with cut outs were mostly [maxi]dresses or jumpsuits and when you think about it it makes sense. Many shirts would look odd with cut outs on the side or on the back and it just wouldn't work.

(p.s. how gorgeous is that red jumpsuit? Yes, please!)

BUT, it can be done!

Move the cut outs from the back or side to the neckline and ta-da! It makes just as much of a statement and sets the tone for the rest of your look. (A/N: I'm not sure if this is a top or a dress but it shows the proper illusion of the point I'm making.)

Moving the cut out to the neckline can also be a classier way to show a little cleavage. The cut outs draw your eye to the neckline but since there is so much going on people's eyes aren't going straight to the cleavage.

And for those not comfortable enough to wear cut outs on their side or their chests, fear not! You can easily still rock this trend — on your feet!

Shoes aren't missing a step when it comes to this trend. From heels to booties to strappy sandals are all cutting out the excess and shining!

Cut outs on shoes are the easiest way to amp up any outfit. Imagine rocking those black booties with skinny jeans and a white tee. They also pair just as fabulously with a cute dress.

If you're not up for the challenge (or discomfort as some put it) of a heel, you can get cute and comfy and a bit more casual with a wedge!

Sure, all of these options can lead to interesting tan lines but that's a risk fashionistas are willing to take, isn't it!? Next time you're at the store shopping for the warmer weather, take a chance and cut it out!

Nothing [that references Full House] is complete without some John Stamos, so please, enjoy. 
What cut out style has you screaming, "Have Mercy!"? 

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