Friday, May 9, 2014

Jump-ing into Spring

Spring is in the air (well, in the mornings. It's full on summer by the afternoon!), which means it's time to spruce up our wardrobes, and pull the bright tops and floral dresses out from the back of our closets and pack away the long sleeved shirts. It's also an excellent reason to go shopping and pick up some of the newest styles on the racks. With my best friend's graduation next week, a new dress was a MUST

XOXO Bustier Jumpsuit
I had always thought I couldn't pull of a jumpsuit or a romper, until recently. My best friend got one and I had to try it on. While I was venturing through Macy*s, I told myself if I found one, I was going to try it on. While ruffling through a rack of dresses, I came across one, and honoring my promise I added it to my arm rack of clothes to take to the dressing room.

I squeezed and sucked and got it on and was pleasantly surprised! This XOXO Bustier Jumpsuit was awesome! The wide leg pant is great for summer, and it's very comfortable and ready to wear! Just add some accessories, or not, a pop of color with a shoe, and you're easily the most fashionable girl on the block. I made the terrible decision to not purchase it, but I didn't have my coupons and I don't really have an occasion to wear it. Fortuntaely, the Macy*s website has it on sale, but doesn't have it in white, just black. I told a bride-to-be friend of mine it would be perfect for a shower or bridal celebration... If only I was getting married! 

To remind myself why I didn't purchase it, I have to remember it was a little tight/small for me in the chest (as you can tell by the quadriboob). I'm not comfortable wearing something that has that much boobage hanging out, and I don't find it appropriate for the classy young lady I strive to be.

Also, the pants on the jumpsuit are a little long. Let's be honest, I spend the summer in sandals 99% of the time, so the crisp white, wide-leg pants will be some disturbing shades of brown in a matter of weeks. 

Jessica Simpson Shootie
For me, no shopping trip is complete without a stop in the shoe section. Since high school, I've been known for my shoes. I saw these Jessica Simpson shoes and felt the gravitational pull. 'I can find a dress to match these,' I thought. I grabbed them and found the nearest associate I could find and asked for them in my size. He was a little hesitant and muttered something about these size 9's might be the last pair. A look of panic spread across my face, and was soon followed by defeat when he confirmed that was true.  

The entire drive home I day dreamed about these shoes, and immediately checked the web to see if they were available. I read some reviews to get some information about the fit, and wishfully clicked on 'symphony blue'. My face again filled with disappointment as I saw they didn't have my size! 

I will continue my looking for great new additions for this spring and summer. Jumpsuits and rompers recently made their comeback, and it doesn't look like they're going anywhere soon — they're opening the door to overalls making a more stylish comeback. Shoes are one of my favorite ways to express yourself, and the selection for great shoes this summer is better than ever. Designers are using colors other than black, white, and red — they're using different shades of blues and purples, and fun shapes and designs — and they make fashion risks even more fun to take. I'm slowly building up my wardrobe, and taking fashion risks that I love (hello pink and red pants that my family thinks are crazy!)

I'm sure there are going to be my fair share of flops, but I'm looking forward to making more fashion risks as my closet grows (and my bank account dwindles). Stay tuned!

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