Friday, May 23, 2014

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team... In Style!

If you're from the South, then you understand our favorite season is football season

My brother & I - UGA v Tenn - Fall '13
We take our college teams seriously. You won't find us cheering in the stands in a t-shirt and pants. Oh no, no, no, NO.
Girls are in dresses, skirts, and/or blouses and boots, heels, or sandals, with their hair done (aka not in a plain ponytail) and a team sticker on her face. Guys are in polos or button ups with a bow tie, in khakis, nice jeans, or pants/shorts decked out in team logos. Football games are a chance to see the game and be seen, and we take it seriously.
I think everyone should go to an SEC football game at least once in their lives. It's an experience that is like no other!
Gameday outfit: 
Peplum Skirt: Cheeky Peach
Tank: J. Crew

Just because it's not football season doesn't mean I can't rep my team with pride!
I have such pride for my Alma Matter. My eldest sister graduated from there, and so sealed our family loyalty to the University of Georgia. My love for it grew exponentially once I attended it. I've been heard saying, "Go Dawgs" or, "Gators Wear Jean Shorts" to strangers that have other SEC teams on a shirt on more than one occasion, and teaching my niece how to say "Gooooooo Dawgs!" It's a way of life that I fell in love with. So it's no surprise that I want to rep my team even when I'm not at the games, and this is my FAVORITE shirt to do so in!
The first time I wore it I had so many people tell me how awesome it is, because let's face it — it's awesome. 

Not sure why my hand is incredibly red
When it's not game season, everyone's wishing it was (unless it's Christmas, because Christmas is the best). I love wearing this tee when I'm out running errands, or even when I'm looking to be more comfortable at work. If you know me, you know I rarely wear t-shirts. I find them uncomfortable for a variety of reasons — the neck is too tight, it's too tight around my boobs and rides up, it's not long enough, etc... But this shirt is perfect. It's a relaxed fit tee so it doesn't choke me, it's not too tight on my chest, and it's long so it doesn't ride up. The sleeves are a longer short sleeve (if that makes sense?) but I like it because the sleeves are also relaxed and don't ride up into my armpit!
The color of the shirt is a little tricky to match. You can't really tell from the picture, but it's like a mix of dark blue, gray, and black, so I have to be careful about wearing it with which jeans. It doesn't look right with my really dark jeans, I do like to wear it with my red pants but only when it's a game day that I'm not in Athens or it's an away game. This was my first time wearing them with the pants pictured here, and I really like it. The pants continued my casual, comfy vibe and the light denim is perfect.

Pants: American Eagle
Shoes: Macy*s

What's your go-to, non-season team wear? 

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