Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shades of Gray

"Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance." -Coco Chanel

Gray Tee with a statement necklace

The t-shirt. This classic staple will never go out of style.

It's easily dressed up, dressed down, worked in, played in, and always looks good while doing so. The t-shirt has been around for 101 years (founded in 1913 when it was issued as standard issue gear for the US Navy). Since then it has become a staple in both male and female wardrobes. Though it's not just a plain white tee anymore. An array of colors and cuts line the shelves of stores, giving you endless options for casually chic outfits.

I whipped out my gray tee and paired it with some dark skinny jeans. I rolled the bottom, put on some strappy wedged sandals and a statement necklace and viola! Casual chic!

T-Shirt: J. Crew
Pants: Guess
Shoes: Macy*s (I think)
Necklace: Charlotte Russe

 There are endless options for this (or any) tee. It can be tucked with a belt, tucked in the front with a belt, paired with a statement necklace (as I did), with a scarf, partially tied in a knot and made into a midriff baring shirt, or put under a sweater or blazer. And that's just scraping the surface! When considering the different bottoms to pair with these options, the options are endless!

This tee is great for summer, spring, fall, and winter! It's a light fabric, so with the southern summer heat, it will welcome the breeze that blows through, and it's easily layered for the colder weather.

As for the jeans, they are my first pair of Guess jeans, and holy cow are they well made! I got these jeans when I was 18, and they were tight then, and now, 5 years later, they have not stretched out like a number of other jeans I've had. They still are just a stiff and tight as they were then. They are very long on me (they cover my feet), so they are often rolled up. This was the first time I rolled them into a cuff — usually it's rolled up more into a capri, ankle bearing pant. I really like the cuffed roll because as the weather is warming up, all of my pants are being rolled up, and I was starting to feel like my style is starting to look the same, just with a different colored pant.

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