Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Bogie has Landed

 The secret's out — Bogart's back! 

He was released from the guide dog program a month ago and made his way back South and back in to my arms today.  

It was bittersweet when I found out he was being released from the program. As a puppy raiser, you hope for your dog to succeed — it's what you sign up for. But if it doesn't work out we puppy raisers happily welcome them back with open arms. 

 Not many people knew about his homecoming. I told a handful, but didn't want to post anything until he was home. Pics or it didn't happen, right? I'm a big fan of surprises so I like to drop big, exciting bombs on people.

We finagled our Father's Day plans around his arrival and thankfully my dad doesn't have to head back to North Carolina until tomorrow so we celebrated yesterday. My brother grilled some ribs and corn, and my mom made some friend okra, baked vegetables, and sliced up a watermelon. Yum! (hashtag southern) 

My mom and I ventured out today for the 4-hour round trip journey to pick up the Bogey monster, and boy was he excited! My mom and I arrived a couple of minutes before he did, so I helped unload some puppies that are starting out on their journey to become guide dogs. It was crazy to stand there thinking that was me, 2 ½ years ago, picking up this guy. Now it's come full circle and I'm picking him up (for the final time) from the same place. He hopped out of the car and once he saw me he was ecstatic!

Ruff life
I like to think his journey isn't over. I always joked I'll get him in to dog modeling because he's so handsome.  I'm not opposed to that, so if anyone has any pointers... ;) Once things settle down and he's used to being at home, and I can see his temperament and see if he would be a good candidate for maybe being a therapy dog and visiting hospitals, or involved in a "Reading with Rover" type program (where children with speech impediments read to a dog). If anyone has any ideas or information about any of those programs or ideas about programs that he would be good with please let me know!

Bogart seems to be adjusting pretty well. He's had a good romp around the yard, a few good spins in the water bucket, a bath, a bone, and is enjoying one of our cat's toys that rolls around. The home life of a forever dog will certainly be a spoiled one for him.

Since this is a fashion-focused blog, I must mention that Bogart has a handsome red Georgia"G" collar on. He has a black leather leash to accentuate the black "G"s on his collar. He also has the bow tie he wore for my graduation that he will absolutely be wearing from time to time.

In unrelated news, I apologize for the lack of updates this past week. Our internet was shut off on Wednesday and wasn't back up until Friday. Then at that point I didn't feel like updating. But, that gave me some time to come up with a few new ideas for my blog, and I will be implementing them this week — so stay tuned!

& Bogart!

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