Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Want It Wednesday: Valentino Rockstud

I have a major, major shoe crush.

Actually, it's past the point of a crush.

It's love.

Have to have you,
but you're way out of my league,

I've been in love with these shoes since I first laid eyes on them.

They're gorgeous.

If I became super rich tomorrow, these shoes would be the third thing I'd buy. (#1 being a Chanel Bag and #2 is a Burberry trench)

My heart flutters every time I see these shoes.

They can be worn with anything. These shoes can take every outfit up a notch. Studs have been very in style for the past couple of seasons and I love it. I'm such a classic, simple girl when it comes to style so adding some studs, be they spiky or flat, gives a classic look a nice edge.
Meaning anyone can rock these shoes.

My inner fashionista lets out a squeal that could shatter mirrors, which is then drown out by the sound of my wallet laughing at the price.

I'll take one in every color and style, please!
To nobody's surprise, they're Valentino and retail over $900 (accepting donations).

Not only are they available in black, nude, red, pink, purple, green, and so many other colors — the strapy bit with the studs is also available in a variety of colors.
As for style, they're sold as pumps, kitten heels, and flats.
Those flats, pumps, and kitten heels are also available in the gladiator style (as seen on the left) and regular, stops at the ankle (as seen above).
They really are incredibly versatile given all the colors and styles available.

The pointed toe gives the illusion of longer legs, which flatters every body style. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can easily find a color that compliments your skin tone, or a color that makes every outfit pop.

I hate having champaign taste on a water budget. 

What pair of shoes is your weakness?

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