Monday, June 9, 2014

Tribal Trial

Tribal print has become very popular over the past few seasons. It was on the runway for the 2014 spring/summer season and can be found in probably almost every store and boutique that sells women's fashions.

first outfit

I got this shirt at Macy's very recently and am looking forward to wearing it over and over this summer. It's light and breezy which makes it perfect for summer.

So far I've worn it twice, two different ways. When it came to the first outfit, I pushed myself to get our of my comfort zone. I paired the top with a pair of skinny jeans and some wedge booties. Because of the dark wash of the jeans and the dark wedge booties, this outfit would probably do better in the early fall when it's getting cooler out, but still warm enough to wear sleeveless tops.

second outfit
The second outfit I paired with a lighter pair of skinny jeans rolled into capris, with sandals and an undershirt. It's crazy how different the two outfits look! (though I'm sure my hairstyle has a little bit to do with it)

I prefer the second outfit to the first, but am glad that I pushed myself the first time I wore this top. I do plan on wearing it without an undershirt this summer since it will be so uncomfortably hot — the fewer the layers, the better.

One of my favorite things about this top is the back! I'm a huge fan of fun and quirky designs. It'll be great for added ventilation this summer, and it adds a little more fun to the top. Cutouts and lace designs are also becoming very popular, and I love it. It's delicate, it's fun, and it's great for young adults! It's a great top when I want to throw my hair up and show it off, or leave my hair down and let it peek-a-boo from time to time.

What I'm not crazy about on this top is the length. I know I've mentioned that I have a personal problem with shirts that are a little on the shorter side. It's not a crop top, but just where it hits me isn't my ideal. I'm looking forward to trying this top out with other options — so stay tuned!

What are you looking most forward to wearing this summer?

Top: Macy*s
Undershirt: SNUG
Pants, outfit 1: Guess
Wedge booties, outfit 1: Target
Pants, outfit 2: Delias
Sandals, outfit 2: Macy*s

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