Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sheer Sparkle

I might have mentioned it before but I love things that sparkle.


doesn't matter to me.

If it sparkles there's a good chance I'd buy it.

I got this shirt while I was still in college so I've had it for a while. Unfortunately I can count on one hand the number of times I've worn it. While I was in NewSource, I could't wear sparkles and a sheer shirt on camera because that wouldn't come across very well, and, being honest here, the collar is a bit itchy. Lugging around my backpack, lunch, and a dog means an itchy neck is something I don't want to have to deal with.

Sometimes I'll button the shirt all the way to the collar, other times I wear it like such. Depends on my mood. Also there are times I don't feel like dealing with a sheer shirt. I do think I'd wear this shirt a lot more if it was solid rather than sheer. There are just days I don't want to deal with an undershirt..

You can't tell from the picture, but the shirt is a high-low style, meaning the back hangs much lower than the front a la the mullet. In addition to that the shirt was sold with the front panels tied at the bellybutton. While I sometimes tie it, it ends up untied before I leave my room.

One of the trickiest things of this shirt is the color. It's a green-blue-turquoise that doesn't match anything depending on your mood. I do have a pair of yellow pants that I could wear with but something about me isn't a fan of that. The sparkle should be the focus and a yellow pant doesn't exactly go unnoticed.

Obviously Bogart didn't find
this look very thrilling.
Sparkles on the collar means wear my hair up. Long hair gets caught in the collar, as does a pony tail. Only recently I've been getting better at different hairstyles that work for me. On this certain day, I was rocking my current obsession: the milkmaid braid. Thanks to Popsugar, I learned it's super easy to do and great for greasy hair days.

I'm learning to love this — and the similar styles hanging in my closet — top and plan on wearing it more. Since it's sheer and lightweight it can be easily worn any time of the year. The sleeves have a button and a looping fabric that makes the sleeves ¾ allowing for some ventilation in our southern swelters of summers.

What style decoration makes you weak in the wallet?

Shirt: Macys
Undershirt: SNUG
Jeans: Guess
Shoes: Target

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