Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fashion Future

Fashion is constantly evolving, changing, and paying homage to times passed. 

We're not quite to the completely out-of-this-world fashion sense of the Jetsons or Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, but we're not far from it. You can tell the Jetsons's wardrobe is 60's inspired (the show began airing in the early 60's) but take a look at Jane and Judy outfits — they definitely have characteristic that we're seeing in our stores and runways today. 

Bold collars? Check.
Crop Tops? Check.
Two-tone Coloring? Check. 

Now if only I could get my hair to defy gravity like Judy's...!

Shows like The Jetsons and other classics, past & present, act as inspiration for designers across the globe. 

I love keeping up with current and upcoming trends on Project Runway, and I recently was completely blown away with an outfit that could possibly have a HUGE impact on the future of fashion.

Heidi Klum knows fashion, and the look of "holy schnitzel this is amazing" that is written all over her face says this is major

What could be this awesome, you ask? 

Take a look — I'll let the gifs do the talking. 

*picks jaw up off floor*

How UH-MAZING is that? This could completely revolutionize people getting stuck in the rain. 

I'm literally speechless. 

Per the Project Runway Blog, "Sean's idea to use the rain to transform his look on the runway paid off in spades, and the judges are LOVING it. Nina is very excited about the waterproof crinoline Sean incorporated underneath the dyed layer. Zac admits he thought the color changing might be too gimmicky, but that seeing it in action convinced him otherwise. The chance that the coloring might have totally failed in execution also appeals to the judges; they love a risk. (No one points out that the design of the dress itself is not that interesting. Oh well.) Sean gets one half of a shared win."

What do you think of Sean Kelly's creation? Would you wear an outfit that changed color in the rain? 

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