Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bold in the Crazy Cold

The weekend following Halloween was fur-reezing. After that weekend passed the weather went back to really warm. As in high 70's.

(Picture taken during our warm spell, hence the rolled up sleeves!)
Then this polar vortex hit and the temperature plummeted. 

I've spent the days bundled up by the fire making s'mores with Reese's cups (a/n: if you haven't ever tried that you've never really lived).  I avoid leaving the house unless absolutely necessary because it's just too cold. I avoid looking in the mirror because I just know I look like a hot mess, but I do try to keep it comfy chic (is that a thing?). Because of the cold, I'm living in my lined leggings. They are so comfy and are really cute. They're not a plain black or brown, instead they're a bold print and BONUS! they do a good job at keeping me warm. They're not impenetrable nor the warmest thing I've ever felt, but for leggings they are very warm.

When I'm at home all day I don't like to get dressed. I don't put on my skinny jeans to hang out around the house. I'm usually in leggings or yoga pants, a tank top, and a sweater paired with one of my many, many pairs of slippers... Glamorous, right? These bold leggings make loungewear a little more fashionable (and hide the dog fur better than all black!)

I bought them last Christmas season along with a couple pairs of Christmas-specific leggings (which I'm sure you'll see this upcoming Holiday season!) and was incredibly pleased. These leggings have a basic striped pattern that works for the entire autumn/winter season instead of just Christmas time. They are bold, they are fun, and they are incredibly comfortable. 

If I remember correctly, I needed to run to the grocery store so to not look like a complete slob I put on my wedge booties and headed out. If you can't tell, I'm obsessed with those booties. They are such a small accent that can really take any outfit to the next level. 

Staying cute while looking comfortable is possible!

What's you go-to winter lounge wear? 

Light Brown Sweater - Old Navy
Dark Brown Tank - Snug
Leggings - Red Dress Boutique
Booties - Target
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