Saturday, November 1, 2014

November FURst

November has arrived and with a vengeance! It's cold and rainy and WINDY! Such a shock, considering we were in the 80's last week!

Regardless of where you live, I'm sure you heard about Atlanta's snowpocalypse that literally shut down the city early this year. Rumors on the weather mill say this year's winter will be even worse, so warm items are a MUST. I'm wasting no time and breaking out the big guns — my fur vest.


I had no plans to do anything today besides cheer for the Dawgs, but this weather demands soup! Last week I had some amazing homemade crockpot potato soup made by my cousin Lauren, so I asked her send me the recipe so I could get to the store and have it in the crockpot and ready in time for dinner tonight!
I tossed on some jeans and boots (gotta wear socks to keep the toes warm!) and a Georgia shirt and a sweater (not pictured) under the vest. 

It was divine!

I need some fur lined gloves, because those puppies (no fur pun intended) really keep you warm.

If you've never worn fur (faux or real) you're really missing out. It's truly one of the warmest things you can wear, aside from a heater. No wonder pets don't mind this weather, they must feel amazing! (Note the running dog in the picture!) 

I saw this vest around this time last year and fell in love. It was available in black, in white, and in gray and quickly topped the "Clothes To Get" list I kept on my (now stolen) phone.

Hands aren't the best windshields
Once I had an income, I knew it was meant to be. I stopped at the outlet mall on my way home one day after work and searched and searched for it to no avail. I even had a salesgirl help me out.

Still no luck.

Until I rounded a corner and heard angels sing. There is was. Hiding from everyone else until I could come and make it mine.

I went with the gray because it's a mix of black and white, which made it more versatile. If I was going to spend money on it I want to make it worth every penny.

I love the vest. It zips, it has pockets, it has a collar, it can be dressed up or down, and it's SO WARM. The only thing I would change is I'd make smaller so it's more fitted.

Fur never goes out of style.

I remember as a child seeing my grandma in her furs. That memory of her makes me feel closer to her when I wear my vest. It's a sense of familiarity and nostalgia. And undeniably classy.

Fur has been around since the cave people, black and white photos, and is still around today. From old to new, and young to old, fur has made it's mark on the fashion industry and won't be going anywhere any time soon.

What's your go-to winter warm-up piece?

Vest: Off Saks 5th Avenue
"Dawgs Y'all" Shirt: Cheeky Peach
Pants: Delias
Boots: Macy*s

A/N: The issue of it being faux fur vs real fur is quite a hot button issue. I won't criticize you for your choice (in food, religion, OR clothing), so please don't criticize me for mine. 

UPDATE, 11/1/14 8:30PM: The soup turned out amazing. 
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