Monday, December 15, 2014

Longing for the Cold

Georgia winters are incredibly unpredictable. We've had a couple days that were freezing, then we shoot right back up to warm (if not hot) temps. One guarantee is the mornings will be

Most of my dresses are sleeveless, and thus unwearable in the winter. The cool mornings and evenings (aka when I'd be wearing the dress) will make you look like a fool and there's nothing worse than having to cover up the outfit you worked so hard to put together with a thick jacket. 

That's why I love dresses with sleeves.

I got this dress for Christmas last year and I adore it.
The long sleeves make it easy to wear when the temperature takes a dip and still be stylish. I don't know how many times I've had to search for a sweater that would decently match my outfit.

It's a fairly simple dress, it buttons all the way down, comes with a slip (thankfully!), has a simple design across the chest, and a tie under the bust to give me some shape.

I've learned that I have to wear my hair pulled back with this dress because otherwise it's just too much! Long, dark hair in your face with a dainty dress just doesn't work... I tried. Good thing my hair needed a wash and I was able to put it back in a nice bun and pop in some bobby pins. (apologies, my mom sort of cut my head off!)

Because it's a little chilly in the mornings and I was heading to church, I needed to wear shoes that would keep my tootsies warm. I dug out my heeled black suede boots and I think it worked out very well.

How do you balance cold weather & cute clothes?

Dress: Alloy (I think)
Boots: Don't remember :/

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