Thursday, February 5, 2015

Set Your Stripes

Everyone has those days when they don't want to wear pants.

It was a gorgeous day outside! 
And for us lucky ladies, we have maxi-skirts.

They not only tick the 'no pants' box, but the 'appropriate to wear in public' box as well.

This was a Sunday morning, church appropriate, keeps my legs protected from the cold, and still be comfortable outfit.

It was incredibly windy outside so I didn't want to wear a dress or shorter skirt that left the possibility of the wind swooping it up! And sometimes tights are just too annoying.

I got this maxi skirt a couple years ago in London and it's one of my favorites. It's high waisted and came with a red belt, but for this outfit I switched it for the black belt from the burgundy version of this skirt I also got.

I love the stripes because it adds quite a POP to the outfit. If the skirt was a solid color, nothing would really stand out. Initially I was going to wear a black & white polka dot mid-calf skirt, but (A) I need to hem it because it hits at an awkward spot, and (B) I put it on and you could see through it! So in addition to hemming it I need to add another layer underneath before I can wear it.

Whether it's stripes or polka dots, black and white can be paired with anything. Be it a total monochromatic look, a colored top, or a colored shoe... the possibilities are endless. I kept it simple with a green shirt, black suede heels, bangles, and a ring.

If it were spring time, I'd pair it with more color, like seen here in 2012 outside the TARDIS (time, date, and dimension confidential).

The best thing about black and white is it is season-less. When you style it the right way you can rock it year round. Maxi skirts aren't just for cold months to protect your legs, either! They also double as a cute summer alternative when you don't want to shave your legs! Ladies, you know this is true. 

Whoever created the maxi skirt was a genius.

What do you like to pair your maxi skirts with?

Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Primark (in London)

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