Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Shoesday Tuesday: Grey Booties

If you've ever been to my house, you know I have a ton of shoes.

Too many, according to my mom.

But that's impossible.

I've been known for having great shoes and I was so stoked to open up these babies on Christmas! Thanks, Aunt Sheryl! 

I've worn them so, so many times already. They're perfect for a trip to the fabric store or on a night out.

So far I've only had 2 problems, both because they're not completely broken in yet.
Number 1 — they are so new there's no man-made traction on the bottoms so depending on the floor I have to be careful so I don't slip.
Number 2 — The ankles are stiff so walking down stairs is one of those turn to the side and pray you don't trip over yourself maneuvers because I can't bend at the ankle as easily.

Don't let the heel fool you, they are comfortable! I wore them for hours on my birthday night (and by the end of the night Ansley and Catherine were complaining about their feet, but not me!), then again the next day to the Skyview (note: DON'T wear heels. They have a metal floor with little holes and my heel kept getting stuck!) and walking blocks in Atlanta and had no problem. Now, maybe I find them comfortable because I wear heels and/or wedges all the time, but these really are one of the more comfortable pairs of shoes I own.

They're enclosed, which means socks! With my poor circulation in my hands and feet (official term is called Reynauds) I was really looking for shoes I could wear socks with. Socks not only keep my tootsies warm but keep the shoes from rubbing.

They are a suede grey on the front and a pleather on the back and the buckle accents (as you can see the boot zips for easy putting on/removing) can take any outfit up a notch. With the white outfit, the shoes were a focal point, but when I wore it with the jumpsuit it was just a nice compliment.

I love the gray because I also have a number of gray tops that I can now wear them with. Gray also goes with black, so these boots worked double duty until I got some black booties for my birthday (keep an eye out for those!)!

I don't remember if these came in other colors but I love the grey. It's dark enough to shows the detail and contrast of materials and I'm not sure if brown or black would do the same.

Do you prefer your shoes to be flat, heeled or wedged? 

As seen in: 24 JumpsuitMilitar-SHE
Booties: Target

*Please don't mind my alternating spellings of grey/gray.
 I'm not sure which is the version American's use 
and we all know I'm British at heart. 

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